Sunday, May 23, 2010

I know what date it is...

Gahh training today was not difficult but a little bit annoying because we had additional disturbances today. No, that's mean but it just was not as enjoyable as it usually is-

Anyway, let's not talk about and move on to more important things:
I watched Iron Man 2 today!

I liked it, good action with a so-so plot line and just a good way to relax on a Sunday afternoon. I actually like watching Robert Downey Jr who plays the cocky lazy genius Iron Man/Tony Stark. AND I didn't even really realize that Don Cheadle was playing the role that Terence Howard had owned in the last movie. Am I the only one? Probably. Me thinks I need to rewatch part one...

After the movie, Frodona could not stop talking about buying pretzels so we grabbed a few and chowed down. That must have been our pre-dinner snack.

Now I am home and it is barely 10pm but I feel that my eyelids are starting to droop...what's happening to me?!

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