Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just realized what Hump Day meant like two months ago...

Three words sum up how my day was like:
excited - disappointed - frustrated

Here goes the recap of today's routine!

9:30 am - wake up to realize it's only 9:30 am
10:00 - decided to get up for the heck of it since my arm kept falling asleep before I did
11:00 - off to Bai Plu, the Japanese/Thai restaurant
11:30 - finished 50% (ish) of my bento box
12:00 - visited Starbucks early since May/Meng (M&M) were getting ready to induce a lot of excitement into their History of Furniture class...whoop whoop!
2:00ish - Frodo and Meng come back from "Go Beach!"
2:30 - I realize Meng and I are so stressed about this dumbo project, we didn't say much to each other at all (<3 you, Meng! lol)
4:00 - Meng gives up (on me or on the project?)
5:00 - driving back home, helloooo 605!
5:45 - arrive back home to find my macbook waiting for me! oh yes, my mom was there too...
6:30 - walking with Jimmy to get milk tea with jelly
6:40 - walking into Orbit again
6:45 - walking out of Orbit feeling nerdy
8:30 - done with dinner, back to homework!
9:00 - realize that the problem I had initially turned over my macbook to fix hasn't been fixed
9:45 - working hard on 3d max but it is so ding dong dagnabit slow that I ask Frodo for her computer
11:15 - finish talking to Jimmy only to find the stupid MB (macbook) had shut off on its own again. grrrrr
1:30am - working on Odo's/ Frodo's computer while giving my MB the dirty eye
3:00 - giving up and saving all the MAX files. getting ready to take a much needed bubble bath! what? you don't bathe at 3am?
4:24 - finishing this blog post *May*

I kind of like writing like this too. Which do you prefer?


  1. omg!! my ibook (i know, i got an ibook when i started college and then apple decided come up with another line of notebooks and i was too upset, and then i was committed to buy another one but then i didn't want to feel the same way again when they come up with another new line and i have the older latest one. grrrr), but my ibook did the same thing, and i gave it to the apple store, and they gave it back, but then a year later it started acting up again and turning itself off. so for the second time, i gave it back to them and they gave it back to me, but never explained why or what was going on. the guy said, "oh, um, i'm not sure, it doesn't say on the description of this paper." lovely.

    So i understand your frustration!!

  2. ask for refund and get a new computer!