Thursday, May 13, 2010


Oh the joys of finishing a final. Definitely a satisfying sigh, ready for it? Here I go!


I think that's the first happy sigh I've inputted in this blog =) Yay! The biggest final is complete (minus having to turn in some documents next week) but our entire class' presentations went well today and we all finished on a pretty positive note. Here's a picture of our model:

Meng Meng and I did this together - go MENGO team! hahaha, now she's going to hate me.
Oh how everyone was crashing before and after the final due to the lack of sleep and lack of sense (teehee) Here's a great indication of great flexibility and strength:

Overall, I'm glad this project is over but I am a little stunned that our Junior year has been completed. In the following Fall semester we will be seniors and that is quite a scary thought. Anyway, enjoy our time in school now and continue to learn learn learn! As Jeanne's $1 Target plant has shown me, with a little love (and a lot of water) we can all blossom

To end this on a great note, I took a nap earlier and now I found 7 bug bites extending from one side of my body to my navel. Joy. *hi Jamie!


  1. i only remember u taking a pic of me when i was finally lying on the sofa. guess i was really KNOCKED OUT!

  2. im replacing my profile mean looking nerdy face w/ this sleepy face. :p