Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another day closer to the final! Eeep!

Here goes the rundown:

7:40 - wake up
7:50 - really wake up
7:52 - really really wake up
8:30 - girls are here, varrooom! first stop: Starbucks for a tall chai latte and a cheese danish...warmed!
9:00 - class "starts" with Magno walking around cubicles talking to people about their construction documents, or CDs as they say in the business ;)
10ish - fire alarm goes off... no one is concerned about any fires but we are all super annoyed so outside we go
10:45 - my turn to talk to Magno, lots of mentioning of line weights
12:00 - realizing that my stomach knows it's lunch time so where to?
12:15 - driving to Sushi Cafe for mediocre sushi and teriyaki chicken
12:30 - found Jeff and Matias (two instructors) eating there too, awkward smiles and friendly teasing commence
12:40 - eating in the front of the studio and realizing that I am still a slow eater
1:00 - class is officially starting but no teacher in sight?
2:15 - here she is
3:00 - not wanting to see her so after teacher evaluations, May and I go to the Foundation Building to pay for foundation parking
3:20 - ouch, a good chunk of money is gone...oh well, it's still a great deal for parking
3:25 - fire alarm goes off...again...
3:30 - design break! (did not do much during this time) off to happy hour at Starbucks!
4:00 - Krystle, Meng, May, and I return with lots of frappucinos and smiles
6:15 - just realized how long I've been staring at the screen photoshopping people into our images
6:45 - given up and checking blogs for fun now
7:15 - going to 3dmax class for the last time? staring the complaining session
8:15 - done done done and going home for some r&r!
11:40 - finish binding process pages and starting to try to read LEED stuff again, after all, I DO need SOMETHING to help me sleep!

Lots more to do (it feels like) but it's good to know it's near the end. Wait, that sounds really morbid. You know what I mean...

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