Thursday, May 13, 2010

8:50am - sprung out of bed with an outstretched arm to see what time it was
8:51 - realized that it's still early and my heart is pumping quite fast
9:00 - oh fine, I'll get up anyway since I can hear Frodo talking to Genie (hehe)
9:12 - driving the little ones to school, still groggy
10:00 - actually getting breakfast! oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar! (didn't make it, I just eat it)
11:00 - I LOVE not having to do anything productive in the morning hahahhaha..ok, enough
11:30 - Meng is here!
11:35 - Meng is hungry and asking where May is
11:36 - May is here!
11:50 - arrived at Deli News to find a "crap ton" of people there, we were almost towards the door while standing in line!
11:53 - realizing the lack of time, we gave up and drove back
11:55 - lovely day it is today
12:00 - gals leave hungry, and I hurry to grab my car to pick Jeanne up
12:10 - picked up Jeanne! er... Genie!
1:15 - they all return and off we go for some Korean! food that is.
2:30 - stuffed and ready to nap
2:55 - almost off the freeway, should we stop for Starbucks? again?!
3:02 - yes, yes we should. and we did.
3:30 - back to work! researching info for tomorrow's presentation
5:00 - Irene's over to take a shower because she stinky! =P
5:45 - realizing it's still early but my stomach doesn't. I just fed you!
7:00 - Irene's calling to tell us where to go for dinner!
7:10 - eating teriyaki again at the California Grill next to Yogurtland
8:00 - back to work, back to reality
10:15 - Meng's done with her layouts, my turn to put them together
11:50 - time to shower? nah
12:30 - ok, time to shower
1:30 - realized we left something out so placing it in
2:10 - talking to May on skype but feeling ready to let my head fall onto the pillow
2:30 - lights out!

tomorrow's the final! wish us luck with our presentation!

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  1. yes, i was there at 11:36. but no, meng called me at 11:28! (record from my phone.)