Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7:30 am - alarm goes off
7:35 am - snooze goes off
7:40 am - turn off stupid phone alarm *grumble grumble*
8:40 - off to Starbucks!
9:00 - class starts with the Instructor seeing people individually while the rest of us stare at our Autocad screens like zombies
11:40 - walking in a group of 7 to the Outpost to grab some greasy lunch
12:10 - sit in grass area behind the studio to "picnic" with more classmates (first time!)
1:00 - next class starts with our Instructor moving slowly through the list of groups awaiting to see her
2:30 - room begins to empty out due to some disturbances
4:00 - walking to Robeks for some Acai bowl but ordered wrong so ended up with an Acai smoothie... =/ what is Acai anyway?
6:00 - enough 3d Studio Max! took a short nap
7:00 - last class begins with everyone looking stressed out and confused
8:30 - returning home after the exhausting day only to be more stressed out than before.
10:30 - Jimmy called so I had to make fun of his hoodie situation again
11:40 - enough relaxing, must return to hw


will be doing a Tria Marker review soon! and will be doing my April favorites =)


  1. oddly enough, these kind of posts are kinda fun to read.

  2. u missed "11:33 posting this blog"