Friday, May 7, 2010

10:30 am - why am I awake already?
11:00 - checking my email with one eye open, what's today again?
11:01 - oh yeah, it's Thursday
11:15 - time to get up and brush my teeth, looks like it's going to be a sunny day!
11:30 - opened 3d Studio Max on Parallel and....
12:00 - still waiting for it to respond to my first command key
12:35 - going downstairs to get some breakfast, I'm hunnngrryyy
12:38 - only found some of my mom's oatmeal. it's still good
1:30 - tired of staring at the screen, is Odona awake yet?!
2:00 - tired of waiting for Odona so decided to open her door and whisper in a loud voice, "I'm too hungry to wait for you to finish sleeping!!!"
2:30 - off to Ulta for a few supplies before hitting Chipotle...again. but it was still good
3:30 - back home again
3:35 - ew, Sweetie came over to slobber a "hello" to me. luckily he's super cute
4:40 - fine, I'm ready to get back to work. I guess...
5:45 - officially given up (for the last time) on MAX and preparing VRayToon to make an easier rendering experience
6:30 - Jimmy's calling for mo' boba
6:40 - walking back from Quickly (the boba place) with some green milk tea and fried chicken for my moma
7:45 - dinner time, hellooo pizza hut! meet my tv friend, Bones
9:00 - printing some perspectives out to trace
10:45 - done with two drawing and tired of the faulty MacBook
11:00 - making an appointment with the not-so Genius Bar at Pasadena's Apple store
11:45 - shower time! using the Clarisonic has really helped
12:15 - chit chatting with mom and making fun of dad ... same old same old
12:45 - watching King of the Hill
12:50 - sighhh back to the project. boo you, project

should I start the countdown till summer?

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  1. Ophelia! im jazzified fashions from yt (i won your contest woo hoo :D) and your blog is so cute and personal...i think its great. i actually have a blog too...its anyways i just wanted to say i love your blog and i watch all of your videos, and your so genuine :)