Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10:00am - trying to wake. up. but. snooze. button. is. so. compelling...
10:10 - darn you, snooze button. you are my savior and my nightmare
11:00 - the gals arrive and it's early lunch time! where to? pho?
11:15 - still have no idea where this pho place is, so we turned into Dennys
11:45 - had delicious Belgian waffles and was so full, time to drop off the gals at school!
11:50 - everyone has decided to skip classes and focus on our final (that is due on thurs)
11:51 - drop off May at the studio
11:53 - May is trying to chat with us in the middle of the street
11:55 - off to Art Supply Warehouse for model building supplies, haven't been in a while!
12:15 - bought 20 basswood sticks and a new Copic marker *woot woot*
12:30 - back at the studio to pick up supplies and starting to wonder how people can stand being in there for more than six hours
1:15 - Frodo doesn't have class so... Starbucks time?
4:50 - almost done with majority of the model, Meng just suggested dinner
7:00 - meeting with everyone at the Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley for dinner!
7:30 - waiting outside while shivering and swaying in the wind
8:00 - eating and gossiping to Robby and Johan in between slurps of noodles
8:40 - still laughing at Juliana's purple pants and Johan's purple gatorade. made for each other.
9:00 - starting to head back home to finish up our work
9:30 - ok, ok, back to work
10:00ish - beautiful! Meng's going home to render while I stay home and research. Hello again, Leed. how I have not missed researching you
1:10 - still dragging this on but am very sleepy
1:11 - zzzzzzzz (yes I type when I sleep) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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