Friday, May 28, 2010

I am afraid to see this week zoom by so quickly as it is a terribly accurate depiction of how this summer will be like.

Goals for the summer:
Summer school
Florida Team Trials
Find an internship
Organize room
Try not to be TOO lazy

That last one will probably be re-edited. =)

I hope everyone's summer will be filled with fun and joy. I cannot wait to hit the beach for some boogie boarding, drive absurd distances for shopping, Disneyland a few weekends, maybe Vegas it. Wow, I am great at creating new verbs.

Oh yes, I would like to do a makeup remover review next. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So school's over... and I suppose the pressure's off... hence the photos.

My gift to myself is to stop updating every single day. It is just too much pressure now that I really have not much to report daily without any Autocad goodness or Design dilemma-ness, I could only offer stuff like this:

My day was boring.

I drew a house today. In my head.

I tied my shoelaces and about fifteen steps later, they untied again.

I went to Costco today.

That last one was actually true. I DID go to Costco and I DID end up with an assortment of samples. Apparently I am not a fan of all different types of Swiss cheese.

Anyway, tkd is going to take up the bulk of my time for about a month and counting. We are prepping for the Team Trials in Orlando, Florida so must work hard. Now here's the more important question: What to do in Orlando?

Monday, May 24, 2010

A relaxing day

My sister's back! Back again. Yuy yuy's back. Tell a friend.

Old school songs...

Anyway, today is also Alex's birthday! Happy birthday, IT guy!

We picked up a Jeanne, an Olivia, and an Alex for some sushi and Target-ing before settling in for a repeat of Iron Man (first one) and I have to say that my memory DOES in fact suck because I forgot about 75% of the details. =T

After the movie came a Jimbo who escorted us through our walk to some milk tea with jelly (for me and Olivia) and milk tea with boba (for Odona, Jeanne, and that one guy) It looked so nice today but once 5pm hit, it was quite windy and confusing. Make up your mind, Mother Nature, are we having summer or aren't we?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I know what date it is...

Gahh training today was not difficult but a little bit annoying because we had additional disturbances today. No, that's mean but it just was not as enjoyable as it usually is-

Anyway, let's not talk about and move on to more important things:
I watched Iron Man 2 today!

I liked it, good action with a so-so plot line and just a good way to relax on a Sunday afternoon. I actually like watching Robert Downey Jr who plays the cocky lazy genius Iron Man/Tony Stark. AND I didn't even really realize that Don Cheadle was playing the role that Terence Howard had owned in the last movie. Am I the only one? Probably. Me thinks I need to rewatch part one...

After the movie, Frodona could not stop talking about buying pretzels so we grabbed a few and chowed down. That must have been our pre-dinner snack.

Now I am home and it is barely 10pm but I feel that my eyelids are starting to droop...what's happening to me?!

It's still Sat 5/22 to me! *changed it!

Not much to report today! I woke up early in the morning to a THUD. It took me probably two seconds to figure out that it was Lymo who was wiggling around enough to fall off the bed. hahahah! I think he was a little stunned because he didn't jump back up for a few seconds.

Teaching was the main event today with a small class. We had a more relaxed atmosphere with the little kids taking turns jumping around and kicking paddles. Oh the joys of kids.

Not that they are always a joy to be teaching but they say the funniest things. We have a kid who refers to his cousins as his "boyfriends" - he is five years old. We have seven and eight year old boys who constantly try to hit each others crotch...what can I say other than: they are boys.

Afterward we were getting ready to go out for dinner so I did my version of PixiWoo's pastel eye masterpiece and I ended up liking it.

oh and tomorrow a visiting master is coming to our studio and I am feeling ehhh about it. We'll see.

This was a boring post. Shall I entertain you with this:

That is my unibrow-glasses-mole-mustache-surprised-guy. You are welcome.

You have been Ophed...AGAIN!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So "wack lack" is the new phrase?

We're home! Not that it is much of a celebration since I will be visiting LB probably at least once a week for the rest of summer...

I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning up my room and sweeping the floors so this morning, I woke up feeling calm and serene. Then I actually got up and flung things around and everything was back to normal.

TKD is getting more intense now that school is over! I was approached twice today about my upcoming schedule these next few months and already have been told that I needed to dedicate many days, if not every day, to practicing for the big tourney. Well poo to you, tkd practice. You are putting a real damper on my excitement for summer. Well, tourney's in the beginning of July so it won't be long now. One month and counting! (Yua, you are also requested to go everyday to catch up)

The best part of practice is really hanging out with friends. Hence the pictures I promised:

Well, we were bored waiting at Tasty Garden...

And yes, that IS Jimmy...

Oh and on the same note, I finally got to really test out my new Tria markers and I have to say that they are looking better than the Copic ones. A bit cheaper and still great quality. Of course I only had so many to check but ever since my initial disappointment with the new packaging, I am now ready to invest more money back into Tria. Love you, Tria! You've always had a marker-shaped place in my heart.

...Well, that is until you changed your packaging and your marker size. But er... a newly formatted marker-shaped place.

So many little things to take care of until July's big tournament so if you all do not see me much until then, just won't see me much.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sometimes you just know

Life is full of trial and error. It is not a step-by-step lesson plan where you will know that the answer to question 24 is B. You just have to go through it and figure things out. The greatest lessons are all learned by failing first.

*my wisdom of the day* =D

No pictures today! I forgot and now I remember that I forgot and argh. I like having pictures to pad my text hehe

It was a lovely day in the LBC (darn you, Snoop, I always think of your songs when I say that)

We had a meeting at school today regarding the Senior Show - Professional Night. It seems to be a tradition for the Juniors to assist the Seniors in preparing for this day where they expose themselves to professionals in the field and have that opportunity to network. We are suppose to make sure the event goes smoothly, direct traffic, distribute food/drinks, etc...I'll post pictures. =)

After the meeting, we packed up the rest of our things from studio, turned in our keeps and we are officially out! It's been a good home these past 9 months but er...I don't really want to be there anymore so..

THEN we went home to veg out and bum around. I decided that the quiet was too quiet so I turned on the tv and found Animal Planet. They were showing the Big Cat Diary where a team of journalists or documentary-ist? were following three different types of wild cats: lions, cheetahs, and leopards. It was very interesting so here goes the lecture-

Lions are really considered king of the jungle (although they do not live in the jungle - who made up this crap?) because lions by nature are very dominant creatures that see each other as direct competition. So they will kill their kind but will not eat them. It is purely competition, dominance, and after all, they are the top of the food chain.

Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land and they look incredibly beautiful while they are chasing down innocent prey. (well, it IS part of the natural food chain) They do not all seem to stay together like preys of lions do, instead the males stay in groups while the females branch off with their young. They are really so adorable and the little cheetahs sound like birds when they call for their mother.
*I keep having the urge to type "Cheetos"

The leopards are apparently wonderful climbers and will often store their 'dinner' on top of a tree. They are quite small compared to lions and if they were after the same prey, the leopards will stay back. They seem to be optimal hunters but seeing their size and range, they do not have great defense against larger predators. If they do catch a Pumba (poor Pumba) and do not hide it in time, larger animals like lions will come and eat their winnings.

Yes, there is your lesson of the day. Nothing else really happened today, I did play with more makeup but my camera quality sucks so much that the idea of even attempting to snap a shot at night is really a joke. Maybe tomorrow?

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I am getting wonderful support and great responses that make me want to keep trying to write in it daily. <3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"My pastor's wife told me I needed retail therapy."

That's really all I needed to hear.

What a day today turned out to be! Frodo had a final, May had a Staples mishap, Lymo had a confusing time figuring out where we were, Jeanne had studied enough, and I had to mail out a package to my Australian swapper friend.


Anyway, after all that happened, we finally got together to head out to the Block at Orange (again.)

Needed some fuel aka Starbucks (again.)

Then we came back and I had some makeup fun by testing out different looks on Frodo and myself.

Here she is with both eyes made up differently,

A close up on the Lime Love

And then a look at the editorial Pink Slash

Then I took a turn and made the Shock of Colors

And the Sunrise

All in all, I'm tired but I had fun. Who's the one who actual had the therapy? Maybe I need real therapy for this now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TMIT! Thank Me It's Tuesday!


After staying u
p to do CAD for 8 hours straight (minus the 20 min travel time to buying dinner) I really could not wait to hit the bed and snooze for hours. Unfortunately it was one of those moments where you are so tired but you just can't seem to fall asleep. HATE IT. (understatement)

Anyway, I woke u
p this morning from a deep deep sleep and groggily punched the 'Dismiss' button on my cellphone. My first thought was honestly, "where am I?"

Everyone starting arriving to my
place around 12:30pm and we set out to school to drop off our finished image CDs for our instructor to grade.

After my su
perior running, I jumped back into the car and we drove to C
PK where we rushed our meal and arrived back at school for our tour of the new building being built next to the parking structure. We donned on our hard hats and began our tour of the facilities. The building was going to be our newest recreation center with new basketball courts, swimming pools, racket ball courts, volleyball, a running track, and tons of aerobic activity rooms. The main entrance, I believe, will have a sensor where they will scan your hand print and then allow you to have access into the space!

But despite all that, the most impressive thing to me was that this building was going to be LEED Silver...maybe that came across a bit nerdy. Er... just look at the few pictures I took...

So that was what happened today, nothing much planned for later. I think this is the earlier post I've had for a while. I should get a prize!

I'm staring at May

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today..well, I suppose technically it's Tuesday 12:15 am but...anyway, right after claiming that I haven't missed that many posts, I go and miss yesterdays. Err...

Anyway! I just finished my AutoCad and am staring at May now

She's working hard as you can see...

I get so exhausted after doing CAD because let's face it, it's boring without the ring - therefore it's bo. Ok, I think I'm a little bit too tired now.

I guess I'll keep this short since I'm not making much sense. I was playing with my vray and am developing this :

I know the lighting is still off and the materials don't all read well but I'm going to practice with this.

Ok, that's all, good night and take care!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Watching Transformers 2, and what can I honestly say? The plot is way too predictable, the action is pretty good, and the CG is good but staring at 'alien machines' fighting is tough to visually differentiate.

The most annoying thing has to be their use of Megan Fox since she basically poses and pouts while delivering lines poorly. Hot or not? You tell me!

At least there are bits of enjoyable slapstick humor.

Anyway, today was so relaxed that I feel a little bit guilty. School isn't officially over but with all the tough bits of class done with, it seems difficult to stay concentrated. Ah what guilt makes me do.

I have nothing much to report except that today was a beautiful sunny day that was appreciated very much from the indoors. Oh, well, I did see some beautiful sights.

Like this for example:

who knew such beauty existed?

TGIF! Thank God It's Friday!


TGTPIO! Thank God The Presentation Is Over!

Woke up to a ringing in my head. Oh wait, it's my cell phone. Conversation went like this:


"Hiii, what are you doing? Did you just wake up?"

"Yes, Dad."

"You should be up by now, it's noon."

"Yes, Dad."

"I need you to help me with the car rental"

"You have all the info."

"Yeah, but I don't know how to do it."

"Ok, Dad."




"Ok, let me get up and do it, hold on."

"It's ok, just go back to sleep. I'll talk to you later"


How am I suppose to sleep after that? Anywayyyy, I finally decided to get up and get ready while I waited for Frodona to wake up. What a joke... When it finally hit 1:30pm, I decided to get off my lazy bum and wake this chick up. We headed to Souplantation to stuff our faces, I seem to suck at buffets as I could only manage a plate of salad, soup, a bit of pasta, a piece of "pizza," and a muffin. Finito!

After practice, Jimmy picked me up and we headed off to Downtown Disney. Here's my shot of the night just seconds after he proclaimed that his back hurt. I am awesome at capturing moments!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Oh the joys of finishing a final. Definitely a satisfying sigh, ready for it? Here I go!


I think that's the first happy sigh I've inputted in this blog =) Yay! The biggest final is complete (minus having to turn in some documents next week) but our entire class' presentations went well today and we all finished on a pretty positive note. Here's a picture of our model:

Meng Meng and I did this together - go MENGO team! hahaha, now she's going to hate me.
Oh how everyone was crashing before and after the final due to the lack of sleep and lack of sense (teehee) Here's a great indication of great flexibility and strength:

Overall, I'm glad this project is over but I am a little stunned that our Junior year has been completed. In the following Fall semester we will be seniors and that is quite a scary thought. Anyway, enjoy our time in school now and continue to learn learn learn! As Jeanne's $1 Target plant has shown me, with a little love (and a lot of water) we can all blossom

To end this on a great note, I took a nap earlier and now I found 7 bug bites extending from one side of my body to my navel. Joy. *hi Jamie!
8:50am - sprung out of bed with an outstretched arm to see what time it was
8:51 - realized that it's still early and my heart is pumping quite fast
9:00 - oh fine, I'll get up anyway since I can hear Frodo talking to Genie (hehe)
9:12 - driving the little ones to school, still groggy
10:00 - actually getting breakfast! oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar! (didn't make it, I just eat it)
11:00 - I LOVE not having to do anything productive in the morning hahahhaha..ok, enough
11:30 - Meng is here!
11:35 - Meng is hungry and asking where May is
11:36 - May is here!
11:50 - arrived at Deli News to find a "crap ton" of people there, we were almost towards the door while standing in line!
11:53 - realizing the lack of time, we gave up and drove back
11:55 - lovely day it is today
12:00 - gals leave hungry, and I hurry to grab my car to pick Jeanne up
12:10 - picked up Jeanne! er... Genie!
1:15 - they all return and off we go for some Korean! food that is.
2:30 - stuffed and ready to nap
2:55 - almost off the freeway, should we stop for Starbucks? again?!
3:02 - yes, yes we should. and we did.
3:30 - back to work! researching info for tomorrow's presentation
5:00 - Irene's over to take a shower because she stinky! =P
5:45 - realizing it's still early but my stomach doesn't. I just fed you!
7:00 - Irene's calling to tell us where to go for dinner!
7:10 - eating teriyaki again at the California Grill next to Yogurtland
8:00 - back to work, back to reality
10:15 - Meng's done with her layouts, my turn to put them together
11:50 - time to shower? nah
12:30 - ok, time to shower
1:30 - realized we left something out so placing it in
2:10 - talking to May on skype but feeling ready to let my head fall onto the pillow
2:30 - lights out!

tomorrow's the final! wish us luck with our presentation!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another day closer to the final! Eeep!

Here goes the rundown:

7:40 - wake up
7:50 - really wake up
7:52 - really really wake up
8:30 - girls are here, varrooom! first stop: Starbucks for a tall chai latte and a cheese danish...warmed!
9:00 - class "starts" with Magno walking around cubicles talking to people about their construction documents, or CDs as they say in the business ;)
10ish - fire alarm goes off... no one is concerned about any fires but we are all super annoyed so outside we go
10:45 - my turn to talk to Magno, lots of mentioning of line weights
12:00 - realizing that my stomach knows it's lunch time so where to?
12:15 - driving to Sushi Cafe for mediocre sushi and teriyaki chicken
12:30 - found Jeff and Matias (two instructors) eating there too, awkward smiles and friendly teasing commence
12:40 - eating in the front of the studio and realizing that I am still a slow eater
1:00 - class is officially starting but no teacher in sight?
2:15 - here she is
3:00 - not wanting to see her so after teacher evaluations, May and I go to the Foundation Building to pay for foundation parking
3:20 - ouch, a good chunk of money is gone...oh well, it's still a great deal for parking
3:25 - fire alarm goes off...again...
3:30 - design break! (did not do much during this time) off to happy hour at Starbucks!
4:00 - Krystle, Meng, May, and I return with lots of frappucinos and smiles
6:15 - just realized how long I've been staring at the screen photoshopping people into our images
6:45 - given up and checking blogs for fun now
7:15 - going to 3dmax class for the last time? staring the complaining session
8:15 - done done done and going home for some r&r!
11:40 - finish binding process pages and starting to try to read LEED stuff again, after all, I DO need SOMETHING to help me sleep!

Lots more to do (it feels like) but it's good to know it's near the end. Wait, that sounds really morbid. You know what I mean...
10:00am - trying to wake. up. but. snooze. button. is. so. compelling...
10:10 - darn you, snooze button. you are my savior and my nightmare
11:00 - the gals arrive and it's early lunch time! where to? pho?
11:15 - still have no idea where this pho place is, so we turned into Dennys
11:45 - had delicious Belgian waffles and was so full, time to drop off the gals at school!
11:50 - everyone has decided to skip classes and focus on our final (that is due on thurs)
11:51 - drop off May at the studio
11:53 - May is trying to chat with us in the middle of the street
11:55 - off to Art Supply Warehouse for model building supplies, haven't been in a while!
12:15 - bought 20 basswood sticks and a new Copic marker *woot woot*
12:30 - back at the studio to pick up supplies and starting to wonder how people can stand being in there for more than six hours
1:15 - Frodo doesn't have class so... Starbucks time?
4:50 - almost done with majority of the model, Meng just suggested dinner
7:00 - meeting with everyone at the Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley for dinner!
7:30 - waiting outside while shivering and swaying in the wind
8:00 - eating and gossiping to Robby and Johan in between slurps of noodles
8:40 - still laughing at Juliana's purple pants and Johan's purple gatorade. made for each other.
9:00 - starting to head back home to finish up our work
9:30 - ok, ok, back to work
10:00ish - beautiful! Meng's going home to render while I stay home and research. Hello again, Leed. how I have not missed researching you
1:10 - still dragging this on but am very sleepy
1:11 - zzzzzzzz (yes I type when I sleep) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Momma Day!

This blog post (which I am writing amidst my final project) is dedicated to my crazy mom. <3>

Reasons why I love my mom:

Through thick and thin, you've stood by my side,
You tell me to be proud of myself, got nothing to hide,
I am so impressed by your honor and grace,
That is...until I turned around to see your face.

You bounce around for reasons unknown,
At times you speak with a sing-song tone,
You are always dancing to melodies inside your head,
I cannot forget all the crazy things you've said.

You teach us to shop carefully and look for deals,
You teach us to eat healthy and balance our meals,
But then you go to a restaurant and first thing you say,
"I'll get a small soup and dessert, okay?"

But I love you, Mamma! You never cease to amaze me,
"My name is Fanny because I am funny"
You always teach us to be true to who we are-
It is truly you who is the star.

Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show Event

Aiyah yah yah yah =) Today was different.

I am completely exhausted at this point but I think it was a day well worth the sleep deprivation. Frodo and I attended our first ever Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show event at Santa Anita. Apparently this is an event that happens once in the spring and then once again in the fall. You basically buy a $15 ticket that is redeemable in products.

We woke up early early because I did some research to see what this event was really about and many bloggers stated that there were long lines in front of the main entrances so we all had to be prepared. Fro and I arrived at the mall at exactly 7:30 only to see two measly cars parked.
"Is there really an event today?" I wondered. Well, luckily my paranoia got the best of me so I decided to drive up the steep hill to find that the adjacent parking lot was filling up quickly while a decent line of women stood outside the stainless steel doors of Nordstrom. Eep!

We quickly made our way to the lines and I was getting excited at the prospect of finding new goodies and new sights to see. After about twenty minutes in line, we found ourselves with two perfume samples and a few lotion samples to try while smiley over-makeup-ed sales assistants tried to introduce us to their products.
They finally let us in about ten minutes before 8am and the aggression began! We all quickly grabbed the free tote bags handed to us at the door entrance and Frodo briskly walked to grab seats while I grabbed the complimentary coffee and muffins (I also found myself grabbing two large free water bottles just in case!)

The show was set up to be a mini fashion show where there was a small runway (not exactly ADA friendly but I guess I shouldn't complain) that was reached from the middle of the store to the end of the distance calculations seem to have failed me at the moment. And that is the beginning to loud music followed by numerous speeches by over-preppy cosmetic marketing associates, VPs, representatives from every skincare, makeup, and fragrance line.

It was fun but I kind of expected to get more (free stuff) out of it. They did hand out freebies to random people and they did do raffle drawings but OF COURSE we never win those. Have I ever told you the story of when we had a 8 in 10 chance of winning a drawing in San Jose? Yes, you guessed it! We all lost.
Anyway, after the event was over upstairs, people started to fight to get downstairs to the actual merchandises. Boy was it a fight. People are quite pushy before noon.

Frodo and I shopped around, got makeovers, and just had fun milling through counters, sampling products, obtaining many samples, and shoving people.

Ok, I lied. We didn't get many samples.

At the end of the day, it was a fun event. Very different. But I don't know if it's really worth all the hassle. It's not like the counters were discounted, it was more like a party to buy regular priced things... see my confusion? Anyway! I had fun and now I have great memories to go by!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just found a disturbing picture I took of myself a while back.

Too cool for school

Anyway, here's the recap of my day! I plan to keep this type of update going until my finals are over to reduce the stress of forcing any type of know what I mean

8:30 am - waking up without my alarm is getting to become an unshakable habit. me no likey.
10:40 - opening one eye to see that my alarm still hasn't gone off. back to sleep

11:00 - alarm went off and I felt terrible. I felt like I was in really deep sleep and am being dragged out of it. ???!!
11:15 - pressed Snooze for the third time and actually got up
11:30 - getting ready in the morning while looking out my window only to see a psycho squirrel running back and forth on the power lines. alex?
12:10 - heading off to Old Town Pasadena to see another Apple doctor
12:20 - finally got the dogs taken care of and leaving the house (for real this time)
12:45 - cursing the bad drivers that are causing me to be late for my appointment

12:57 - walked up to the Genius Bar to sheepishly tell them I'm here
1:10 - they call me and I'm up!
1:20 - bought a new battery and had to replace my power adapter. depressed again *btw, they said to let you battery cycle once every 3-4 days (not a week like the other guy said) and that around the year and half mark, most batteries need replacing. sound familiar?
1:30 - ordered my Caramel Latte over Ice at Coffee Bean and am waiting with Odona while trying to avoid the creepy guy standing by
1:45 - arrived at the Post Office to send off some goodies that were lost from their homes
2:00 - lunch time! reheating some Pizza Hut pizza and pasta (at the request of Fro Fro)

2:45 - off to do some sketching

7:00 - walking up and down the stairs to look for snacks but realized that Momma was cooking dinner already so must be patient

8:00 - dinner time! watching the Phoenix and San Antonio game. come on guys!
9:30 - Fro Fro returns with some green milk tea with boba for me! this is becoming quite a bad but delicious habit

10:30 - time to try Lush's Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease hair treatment and that one blueberry face mask

11:30 - woo, super soft hair now and my skin feels quite nice!
1:30 - just got a snack (El Sabroso Guacamole chips) and some Arizona green tea

1:35 - back to work take care, loves!

Friday, May 7, 2010

10:30 am - why am I awake already?
11:00 - checking my email with one eye open, what's today again?
11:01 - oh yeah, it's Thursday
11:15 - time to get up and brush my teeth, looks like it's going to be a sunny day!
11:30 - opened 3d Studio Max on Parallel and....
12:00 - still waiting for it to respond to my first command key
12:35 - going downstairs to get some breakfast, I'm hunnngrryyy
12:38 - only found some of my mom's oatmeal. it's still good
1:30 - tired of staring at the screen, is Odona awake yet?!
2:00 - tired of waiting for Odona so decided to open her door and whisper in a loud voice, "I'm too hungry to wait for you to finish sleeping!!!"
2:30 - off to Ulta for a few supplies before hitting Chipotle...again. but it was still good
3:30 - back home again
3:35 - ew, Sweetie came over to slobber a "hello" to me. luckily he's super cute
4:40 - fine, I'm ready to get back to work. I guess...
5:45 - officially given up (for the last time) on MAX and preparing VRayToon to make an easier rendering experience
6:30 - Jimmy's calling for mo' boba
6:40 - walking back from Quickly (the boba place) with some green milk tea and fried chicken for my moma
7:45 - dinner time, hellooo pizza hut! meet my tv friend, Bones
9:00 - printing some perspectives out to trace
10:45 - done with two drawing and tired of the faulty MacBook
11:00 - making an appointment with the not-so Genius Bar at Pasadena's Apple store
11:45 - shower time! using the Clarisonic has really helped
12:15 - chit chatting with mom and making fun of dad ... same old same old
12:45 - watching King of the Hill
12:50 - sighhh back to the project. boo you, project

should I start the countdown till summer?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I just realized what Hump Day meant like two months ago...

Three words sum up how my day was like:
excited - disappointed - frustrated

Here goes the recap of today's routine!

9:30 am - wake up to realize it's only 9:30 am
10:00 - decided to get up for the heck of it since my arm kept falling asleep before I did
11:00 - off to Bai Plu, the Japanese/Thai restaurant
11:30 - finished 50% (ish) of my bento box
12:00 - visited Starbucks early since May/Meng (M&M) were getting ready to induce a lot of excitement into their History of Furniture class...whoop whoop!
2:00ish - Frodo and Meng come back from "Go Beach!"
2:30 - I realize Meng and I are so stressed about this dumbo project, we didn't say much to each other at all (<3 you, Meng! lol)
4:00 - Meng gives up (on me or on the project?)
5:00 - driving back home, helloooo 605!
5:45 - arrive back home to find my macbook waiting for me! oh yes, my mom was there too...
6:30 - walking with Jimmy to get milk tea with jelly
6:40 - walking into Orbit again
6:45 - walking out of Orbit feeling nerdy
8:30 - done with dinner, back to homework!
9:00 - realize that the problem I had initially turned over my macbook to fix hasn't been fixed
9:45 - working hard on 3d max but it is so ding dong dagnabit slow that I ask Frodo for her computer
11:15 - finish talking to Jimmy only to find the stupid MB (macbook) had shut off on its own again. grrrrr
1:30am - working on Odo's/ Frodo's computer while giving my MB the dirty eye
3:00 - giving up and saving all the MAX files. getting ready to take a much needed bubble bath! what? you don't bathe at 3am?
4:24 - finishing this blog post *May*

I kind of like writing like this too. Which do you prefer?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

7:30 am - alarm goes off
7:35 am - snooze goes off
7:40 am - turn off stupid phone alarm *grumble grumble*
8:40 - off to Starbucks!
9:00 - class starts with the Instructor seeing people individually while the rest of us stare at our Autocad screens like zombies
11:40 - walking in a group of 7 to the Outpost to grab some greasy lunch
12:10 - sit in grass area behind the studio to "picnic" with more classmates (first time!)
1:00 - next class starts with our Instructor moving slowly through the list of groups awaiting to see her
2:30 - room begins to empty out due to some disturbances
4:00 - walking to Robeks for some Acai bowl but ordered wrong so ended up with an Acai smoothie... =/ what is Acai anyway?
6:00 - enough 3d Studio Max! took a short nap
7:00 - last class begins with everyone looking stressed out and confused
8:30 - returning home after the exhausting day only to be more stressed out than before.
10:30 - Jimmy called so I had to make fun of his hoodie situation again
11:40 - enough relaxing, must return to hw


will be doing a Tria Marker review soon! and will be doing my April favorites =)
Oye vey! the countdown to the end of finals begins! Well, it had already begun but

So because it is so stressful lately, I am going to try to just list the events that occur during the day. Excuse the laziness! =)

10am - Wake up
10:35 - Get up
11:00 - May May and Meng Meng arrived
11:30ish - Chipotle!
12:00 - incubate in the highly air-conditioned studio
12:35 - groan about not having earphones available
1:45 - headed off to cardio class where we jumped around, ran a bit, and threw playground balls at each other
2:15ish - daily fill of Starbucks
6:30 - headed to Krishna Copy Pro to print out AutoCad sheets for tomorrow's class
7:15 - off to that one Korean restaurant that we've been going to for about a year yet I still don't know the name of it
9:30 - book flight and trip to Orlando, Florida (for July)
10:15ish - Meng leaves
10:35 - still trying to interrupt the conversation to make fun of Jimmy for wearing a sweater to the beach
11:10 - taking out the trash
11:15 - realized that a giant mosquito wannabe flew into the house
11:45 - Jeanne killed it and scraped it off Odona's wall with my old magazine
2am - super tired of doing 3d Studio Max
2:15 - time to sleep


Monday, May 3, 2010

It's 3am and I'm too tired to continue on with AutoCad...possibly the boringest thing to do for two hours straight. Well, besides reading Walden - nothing is THAT boringest!

Today is Sunday Sunday Sunday! I ski
pped Saturday (yes, May the smarty pants!) because most of Saturday became sort of a "date day" where Jimbo and I ran a million billion errands. I returned my MacBook battery since they told me it was not the cause of the problem. We got stuck in Lush for a long time while Steve (the Lush Guy) basically gave us an overview of every item in the store. We ate, we sang, we cried - best Saturday ever!

Today was another lovely day since we were forced to go on a mandatory beach tri
p that actually turned out to be very relaxing and fun. So off we went to a windy Hermosa Beach

Odona and Jeanne have been taking this art class that has required them to travel to many different locations and do very interesting fun things. Last trips were to the Norton Simon museum and the Venice Beach spray painting. This trip was to go to any beach and create a plaster cast of something. I tried to make a cast of my foot but unfortunately came up empty - there is speculation that too much water was added.

It looks like I had a lot of fun this weekend but it comes at a cost. I have basically been working really hard during the late nights/early mornings to make u
p for this lost time for errand-running and beach going. In any case, it has been rather enjoyable and has helped me de-stress. I still do honestly feel very stressed out at the loss of time and direction but it's almost over so I'm hanging in there. I want this project to turn out very well but at this step now it seems uncertain. We can do it! I believe! I ... I'm sleepy so...good night =)