Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why do we always teach on beautiful days like this?

Pretty pretty day

Yes yes, I am slacking! If you can tell which day I skipped, I know it must be obvious that the prior motivation has dwindled down!

Ok, so today is Saturday. Whew.

I woke up early early (yes, that is x2!) May and I traveled down the beautiful 10 fwy to the unfamiliar, Johnson Fain firm in Los Angeles. It was a large warehouse with quite a large staff that specializes in mostly commercial design- architecture, interiors, and urban planning. We toured around the offices and then began the battle for material supplies. About an hour later we emerged feeling a bit deflated and pained from the heavy bags. We were expecting fun materials along with good amounts of 3form (every student designer's favorite go-to material) but they had about...none. Oh well, it was still a nice experience, we got to see a ton of models that their company utilizes a laser cutter to make and we got to see a lot of their process.

Back to the normal routine with tkd teaching and then afterward, on to Ling & Semy's Celebratory Dinner at Di Pilla's. Those two secretly got married on a Friday and decided to send out a Facebook event notice to celebrate the occasion with some good pastas and pizza. Haha, I am loving the casual attitude towards this. I am also loving these faces.

Did I say loving or scary?

I have been trying to kick start the final project Meng and I are working on but so far small advancements have been made and many more must be made before Tuesday! Don't worry, Meng, I'm working on it!

Oh, and here is a super adorable picture of Sweetie our sweet dog:


  1. aaw, sweetie looks so cute in contrast to the rusted bars of our gate.

  2. u posted this sat entry late too. the time stamp says "sunday, april 25, 2010"

    btw, juju organized the 2 sample bags along w/ some old stuffs i have. they r under the sofa now.