Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tired and retired

it's 5am

...project is done for now...

I fail at updating every day. I should have promised to update every time before I sleep. Although if I did that, you would get posts like this one every day. Ew.

Well, I'm sorry this one is a downer post but it's been a loooooonnnggg day! Plumbers came and could not fix the problem. Instead, they revealed a much bigger problem that will have to be dealt with another day. But our kitchen sink is clogged and now the hot water is milky = not good.

Sighhh I'm tired. Sorry everyone! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I will return with much more optimism next time!

By the way, whenever I type out this blogger I have to use the font, Courier, otherwise the entire post looks wrong. Just a little f.y.i. for you today! Okay, time to sleep for 2.5 hrs before another full 12 hr day!

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