Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Every Tuesday just drags on and on and on and on...

It is our week back to school after a fairly relaxing long weekend trip so you can imagine all the energy and excitement we had for class. Yes, it WAS that quiet. =P

I have to tell you that blogging is going to become more scarce and less descriptive because it is our last three week stretch before our final projects are due. Luckily this last project of ours is a group effort so the work load can be divided between two. My take on group projects are that they are helpful in discovering new techniques and ideas but difficult to start. In the beginning there is a lot of debate, hesitation, possibly disagreement but it all comes together in the end. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss more and to learn to compromise with new ideas. Anyway, that is school.

For now I am also looking towards internships to occupy my summer. It looks scarce or perhaps my confidence is just a bit shot from rejections. I suppose it is never personal but the first rejections are always the toughest to take. Keep your head high and never look back, always keep treading forward. I want to always improve and excel because that is when I know I did not and will not give up on myself.

Sorry for the rant! Just getting some thoughts out, have a wonderful night!

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