Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco Trip 2010

Oh welcome back to the internet world.

It is funny how we become accustomed to technological means of communication enough to feel naked without it.

I spent the past four days in San Francisco with my lovely classmates in hopes of exploring the city and becoming acquainted with the professional world. We visited three firms in two days and even had the opportunity to tour around Google Inc. in Mountain View. The firms ranged in both extremes as one urged the youth to step up and make a difference by excelling the ideas of sustainability. The next firm claimed little responsibility over the movement due to unforeseen costs that were basically overshadowed by gastronomical costs in luxury. The last firm could only be described as the middle, a good medium in terms of practicality of responisibilities and choices. Either way, we all learned where we truly stood in the design world, which company's philosophies we agreed with, which design aesthetic appealed to us more, and which direction we wanted to head toward.

The rest of the trip involved sightseeing and group bonding as we walked miles and miles on our weak LA legs and shopped/ate in different types of restaurants. At the end of the trip, there were warm smiles as we eagerly headed back home. I think it was a great trip, all nineteen of our class (minus four who could not attend) really got along and opened our eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead.

I cannot think of what else to really say so here come the pictures:

about to fly off!

class of 2011

lovely garden at Google Inc.

Olivia came to visit!

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