Tuesday, April 13, 2010

May's & Meng's excitement is contagious

F3 and C'Store are officially out of my hands.

Ahhh, sigh of relief.

So we were required to send off our designs to the above-mentioned competitions and now that the packages have been handed off to the ever-joyous US Postal Office, we can all breathe easy(er).

Anyway, I am sorry I neglected to update the blog when I had the opportunity to, I honestly felt completely unmotivated to record what had happened. So let me do so in bullet point style:

-drive 3(ish) hours to Fresno and check into the luxurious Super 8
-check in and get our badges for the competition
-ate dinner at a Carrows that ran out of everything we ordered

-arrived to the competition around 9:30am - 10:00am
-got called into the Holding area way early
-finished the competition by 10:45am
-taped some other groups for fellow peers and left at 11:30am
-ate a delectable crispy chicken sandwich at McD's
-drove 3(ish) hours to take Olivia back to school
-drive 4 hours and took a dinner rest stop at Dennys
-drive 2+ hours to get home to SG
-drive 1 hour to get back to LB


as you can see, I did not really find any drive to be articulate with my blog lately...get it? get it? Yeah, I'm cool.

Anyway, today was hectic with prepping the F3 to get ready to mail out and once that was done- the air just felt a little fresher. =D

By the way, I wonder if everyone knows why I named my blog the way it is: an unpronounceable mess. It all started with a noisy setting and a Starbucks barrista with bad hearing.

But...look what they did to Odona:

and they had copied it straight from the paper too...

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