Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Olicka-lu-lu!

We made it!

In many pieces...

It was a flurry of activity today to get everything prepared for our drive up north. Of course today happened to be one of the busiest days for both my parents so our 1pm schedule became 2:30pm. In any case, we set off on our journey and my goodness, I rarely see the drive up during the daytime. In sunlight, I can see all the modest glistening lakes, beautiful mountains (which Jimmy refers to as 'Microsoft Windows wallpaper") and all the thousands and thousands of smelly cows.

We made good time even with traffic on the way up. After a hearty dinner, Odona and I drove up up to Berkeley to surprise mz Olivia for her bday. We walked into their apartment living room and she stared at me for a good 2 seconds before gasping. Slowwwwww

Three cakes and some jello later, I'm sitting here on her bed about to get ready for bed. Tomorrow's another busy day- we have to drive back down to San Jose to pick up my parents and then make way to Fresno in order to weigh in before 6pm. Oh the joys of tournament-ing. Anyway, good night and I may not be able to update this till Monday due to all the constant driving so... bye!

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