Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good-bye Olivia-wallpaper

I did it! After having the pleasure of hosting Olivia's dumbo pic on my desktop and having the entire class see it (and laugh at it) numerous times, I decided to change the background into this picture.

Of course I am giving myself generous props for snapping this simple shot but I love it =D

Today started out decently...that is until some incompetent person decided to come on and ruin my day. Sigh... no details on that just in case.

After the entire ordeal, we decided that today was our celebration day so we headed out to South Coast Plaza for some shopping relaxation. It was a quick and speedy experience that ended with some sea salt coffee at 85C (May's addiction.)

I looked back at my purchases and found that one had particularly interested me so here it is:

The Shu Uemura (still can't say it) Cleansing Oil

I have heard so many rave reviews on this so we shall see. I actually tried to use it earlier but did not use enough to actually experience the product so no judgment yet!

Other than that, the night has just been a series of lazy Ophe positions. If I could coin that phrase, I will be one happy girl. I would take a picture of these aesthetic masterpieces but I don't want to intimidate you so...

and I DO ACTUALLY think "Wed-nes-day" in my head! AHHH