Wednesday, April 28, 2010

doo doo doo

Guest Critiques today! We had two lovely alumni critique our projects and then proceeded to wait for about an hour and a half before someone happened to wander to our side. Overall I think we have a strong concept in our design and they basically were giving us more ideas on how to refine the materials and presentational techniques.

I have an interview this Friday for an internshi
p at 5+ Designs in West Hollywood. I guess I am really new to this whole industry because I am honestly very unfamiliar with what is expected of me. In any case, I will tackle that early Friday morning and report back in the late AM.

poor MacBook, which by the way I had previously spilled something onto (don't worry Coolest and Oldest Girl Cousin) has been having terrible issues lately. The battery doesn't seem to be charging correctly or even sensing the power adapter's presence so it has proceeded to shut down on me numerous times while I was midway through a project. I guess my portfolio organization and 3d Studio Max files will have to wait. I am bringing her in tomorrow afternoon and I am guessing they will take her and will request bail money to release her. Yes, this particular Mac IS a "she"

I am
pretty tired today... it's been a full twelve hour day that I did not step one foot outside the building until the sun had gone down and hidden away. Ew, I'm lame.

School school school, it's weird because they always say once you finish school, you will miss it terribly.
Everyone says that, everyone says that they did not appreciate it enough and would like to go back. Despite hearing that statement uttered from about a million and nine people (pee-oh-ple) I still believe every word. I honestly sit through the dreadful hours and complain complain complain. But once I have a chance to really relax, I think of how I will miss it and how I will be done soon. Goodness, I will be a "Senior" soon. Eep.

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  1. your oldest and COOLEST girl cousinApril 28, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    woop!! thanks for calming my fears. coupla things...

    1. Your DAD has a blog?!?
    2. Yes, you will miss school. But one thing that I admit about missing school is I only miss the other studio art classes that I was interesting. Of course everyone's college experiences are different, but I don't miss my design classes. I don't feel I learned very much in them. Anyway, when you start working, you'll feel sad that you're not meeting new fun people and like hanging out on campus, so if you start taking classes at night while you're working, you'll soon learn you won't miss it anymore :P
    3. GOOD LUCK ON THAT INTERVIEW!!! seriously. Finding legitimate work experience is 5x more valuable than what your education will provide. GOOD LUCK AGAIN!!!!! can't wait to hear about it.