Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beware the laziness syndrome

Oh the joys of working during break.

Yes, I AM complaining again.

Anyway, here goes a picture post:
I have been working away in my room which by the way is quite hazardous to my health. I suppose the intensely rational mindset of mine had rationalized that it would be more productive and efficient for me to stock a ton of food and sugary drinks inside my room while I worked. That way, I suppose, it would condense the amount of time used to walk downstairs to retrieve food and drinks. Smart? No.

In actuality, my laziness of wanting to "be efficient" has caused me to overeat. And worse part of this story is that I knew it but didn't care. Stress can either cause people to overeat or simply stop eating and I think I have experienced both ends of the spectrum. It's not healthy and you should not do it! I don't know why we do this- for comfort? Comfort you feel from eating the food or comfort you get from believing that eating can be sacrificed for work time. In any case, don't do it! Be nice to yourself and take the extra trips downstairs, take the break, enjoy your meals- the rest will surely bring more productivity.

Ok, so here is my room right now

and here is my drawing that I forgot to rotate and now am not sure how to do so on blogger

Here are two lipsticks I decided to try swatching- first one is Jemma Kid English Rose

and second one is Revlon Nude Attitude

Don't really know why I am so focused on lipsticks lately but I like how they look

and finally, here is my bowl of shells that I have collected from Newport Beach. No, it's not ALL me, I have lovely friends and family members who grab the nicest shells they could find for me so take that! The bowl is from Salvation Army and was about $5? If not less...score!

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