Friday, April 30, 2010

First Interview

Well, I did it. It's done, over with, finito.

But how did it go?

Yes, good question. I'm still asking myself that.

This being my first interview, I really didn't know what to expect. On one hand, I was nervous and apprehensive of what to expect and what to say. On the other hand, I was excited to see what was being offered to me.

Jimmy very kindly decided to accompany me on the ride to the company since he was taking the day off work to get his wisdom tooth pulled. The entire ride there was spent trying to reassure my nerves and once I got out of the car, I suddenly became very aware of my surroundings. With each step down the long hallway, I could hear my shoes squeak against the floor's texture. The interview overall was fine, I don't think I could have really asked for more. They were pleasant and after viewing my portfolio and asking me questions, they took me on a short tour through the large office. I had the opportunity to see their models, renderings, actual photos of projects, and their many working zones.

I don't know what I expected and I don't know what they thought of me. All I know is that I have experienced my first interview and I will be that much more prepared for the next ones.
Eep! Tomorrow's my Internship Interview with 5+ Designs! I'm too stressed out with my 3d Studio Max VRAY issues to think about it though.

Time to zzzzz and catch u
p more tomorrow =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lesson learned =(

I don't want to be one of those people who are insanely addicted to their technologies... You know, those people who cannot sit through a meal without Tweeting what they ate - it's YOU isn't it?!

Anyway, I took my poor sick MacBook to the Apple store in South Coast today and I felt so sad to see her suffering. The modest "Genius" opened her up and after getting rid of all the lint and dust build up, he showed me where there were signs of corrosion. He said that spilled liquids will always cause problems unless the electronic device was turned off. Sigh.

In the end, I suppose I cannot decide who's more upset. The computer for having corrosion that will eventually worsen. Or my flimsy vulnerable credit card that has been taken the $1255 beating. Sniff sniff.

Lesson learned.

OH by the way, I asked the "Genius" guy (who actually was super nice) if you are suppose to leave your laptop plugged in at all times or only plugged in until the battery fully charges and then unplugged. Well, he said a little bit of both. It is not good to consistently unplug the adapter since it will cause the battery to constantly cycle. It is also not good to leave it plugged in at all times.

So what's the solution?

You should leave it plugged in most of the time, he said that unplugging the adapter to allow the battery to cycle at least once a week would be sufficient.

There's your tip of the day!

Oh by the way! (second time) Have you ever watched MysteryGuitarMan on youtube? He is incredibly talented and gifted in his musical originality and detailed video editing. If you haven't watched, I highly recommend it:

Take care of your liquids and laptops!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

doo doo doo

Guest Critiques today! We had two lovely alumni critique our projects and then proceeded to wait for about an hour and a half before someone happened to wander to our side. Overall I think we have a strong concept in our design and they basically were giving us more ideas on how to refine the materials and presentational techniques.

I have an interview this Friday for an internshi
p at 5+ Designs in West Hollywood. I guess I am really new to this whole industry because I am honestly very unfamiliar with what is expected of me. In any case, I will tackle that early Friday morning and report back in the late AM.

poor MacBook, which by the way I had previously spilled something onto (don't worry Coolest and Oldest Girl Cousin) has been having terrible issues lately. The battery doesn't seem to be charging correctly or even sensing the power adapter's presence so it has proceeded to shut down on me numerous times while I was midway through a project. I guess my portfolio organization and 3d Studio Max files will have to wait. I am bringing her in tomorrow afternoon and I am guessing they will take her and will request bail money to release her. Yes, this particular Mac IS a "she"

I am
pretty tired today... it's been a full twelve hour day that I did not step one foot outside the building until the sun had gone down and hidden away. Ew, I'm lame.

School school school, it's weird because they always say once you finish school, you will miss it terribly.
Everyone says that, everyone says that they did not appreciate it enough and would like to go back. Despite hearing that statement uttered from about a million and nine people (pee-oh-ple) I still believe every word. I honestly sit through the dreadful hours and complain complain complain. But once I have a chance to really relax, I think of how I will miss it and how I will be done soon. Goodness, I will be a "Senior" soon. Eep.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Computer is dead again. Sighhh

I've made an a
ppointment at the apple store and am now using my Dell again..the one without the 'p' key...I have to find an existing 'p' and copy/paste it...AHHH

I will go and continue being frustrated now. Talk to you later

Monday, April 26, 2010

I watched the movie, Short Circuit for the first time today. Typical 80's movie with the cheesy synthesizer music and trendy baggy shirts accompanied with the long prairie skirts. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable and definitely made us all laugh. I would recommend it if you are in the mood for a cheesy 80's flick!

Other than that, this Sunday was full of taekwondo-ness and a filling dinner with G-ma. We did "twentys" in tkd today which involved many different ab workouts in sets of twenty. Six pack, here I come! ...I'm funny.

OMG is the weekend over already!? School starts again tomorrow? booooooooooo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why do we always teach on beautiful days like this?

Pretty pretty day

Yes yes, I am slacking! If you can tell which day I skipped, I know it must be obvious that the prior motivation has dwindled down!

Ok, so today is Saturday. Whew.

I woke up early early (yes, that is x2!) May and I traveled down the beautiful 10 fwy to the unfamiliar, Johnson Fain firm in Los Angeles. It was a large warehouse with quite a large staff that specializes in mostly commercial design- architecture, interiors, and urban planning. We toured around the offices and then began the battle for material supplies. About an hour later we emerged feeling a bit deflated and pained from the heavy bags. We were expecting fun materials along with good amounts of 3form (every student designer's favorite go-to material) but they had about...none. Oh well, it was still a nice experience, we got to see a ton of models that their company utilizes a laser cutter to make and we got to see a lot of their process.

Back to the normal routine with tkd teaching and then afterward, on to Ling & Semy's Celebratory Dinner at Di Pilla's. Those two secretly got married on a Friday and decided to send out a Facebook event notice to celebrate the occasion with some good pastas and pizza. Haha, I am loving the casual attitude towards this. I am also loving these faces.

Did I say loving or scary?

I have been trying to kick start the final project Meng and I are working on but so far small advancements have been made and many more must be made before Tuesday! Don't worry, Meng, I'm working on it!

Oh, and here is a super adorable picture of Sweetie our sweet dog:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Errands errands, I'm tired!


We went to Old Town, then home, then the mall, and then to Target, and then to practice. Tired tired from not doing anything constructive towards school. Practice lasted 4 hours and there's more to come on Sunday. Yay?

I'm finding it difficult to feel motivated to write lately. I'm sorry. I can only tell you that school is starting to come to an end. We have a final project to tackle as a group of two and then I will be free (for the most part...I do have summer school for the first time since 9th grade!) I love everyone who supports my blog! Thank you for reading my words of...don't know how to finish that. =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The weather has been so odd today! First it was sunny and then it was gloomy, then it was calm and suddenly windy....make up your mind!

The day started out with Costco's $2 pizza and $1.50 polish dogs *yumm
As we sat outside in the fickle sun only to end up shivering and obsessively blinking while finishing our cooled down food. I stuffed what I could and we all made a run for the entrance. A little while later it was off to Starbucks, our normal routine, and then back home for fun work time!

I find it odd right now that I really have nothing to complain about here and at the same time nothing to rejoice. I just know that I am ready for summer, be it with or without class or work, I'm just ready.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Every Tuesday just drags on and on and on and on...

It is our week back to school after a fairly relaxing long weekend trip so you can imagine all the energy and excitement we had for class. Yes, it WAS that quiet. =P

I have to tell you that blogging is going to become more scarce and less descriptive because it is our last three week stretch before our final projects are due. Luckily this last project of ours is a group effort so the work load can be divided between two. My take on group projects are that they are helpful in discovering new techniques and ideas but difficult to start. In the beginning there is a lot of debate, hesitation, possibly disagreement but it all comes together in the end. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss more and to learn to compromise with new ideas. Anyway, that is school.

For now I am also looking towards internships to occupy my summer. It looks scarce or perhaps my confidence is just a bit shot from rejections. I suppose it is never personal but the first rejections are always the toughest to take. Keep your head high and never look back, always keep treading forward. I want to always improve and excel because that is when I know I did not and will not give up on myself.

Sorry for the rant! Just getting some thoughts out, have a wonderful night!

Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco Trip 2010

Oh welcome back to the internet world.

It is funny how we become accustomed to technological means of communication enough to feel naked without it.

I spent the past four days in San Francisco with my lovely classmates in hopes of exploring the city and becoming acquainted with the professional world. We visited three firms in two days and even had the opportunity to tour around Google Inc. in Mountain View. The firms ranged in both extremes as one urged the youth to step up and make a difference by excelling the ideas of sustainability. The next firm claimed little responsibility over the movement due to unforeseen costs that were basically overshadowed by gastronomical costs in luxury. The last firm could only be described as the middle, a good medium in terms of practicality of responisibilities and choices. Either way, we all learned where we truly stood in the design world, which company's philosophies we agreed with, which design aesthetic appealed to us more, and which direction we wanted to head toward.

The rest of the trip involved sightseeing and group bonding as we walked miles and miles on our weak LA legs and shopped/ate in different types of restaurants. At the end of the trip, there were warm smiles as we eagerly headed back home. I think it was a great trip, all nineteen of our class (minus four who could not attend) really got along and opened our eyes to the possibilities that lie ahead.

I cannot think of what else to really say so here come the pictures:

about to fly off!

class of 2011

lovely garden at Google Inc.

Olivia came to visit!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lot of Editing

Revision after revision but no more of that now! I have been revising our SF trip itinerary nonstop for the past few days. I really cannot stand revisiting projects anymore (C'Store and F3)

We finished our first class early today and decided to head over to Target for some pre-trip preparation but as soon as I approached the gate to exit the parking lot, the parking booth lady stopped me.

"Are you coming back?"



(getting scared at this point) "Like an hour?"

"Nope. It's really busy today, the university scheduled a lot of conferences. If you leave, your parking space will be gone."


So back we went to the parking spot and back we went to the studio. Boo.

The rest of the day was light as our Instructor just introduced the next project on the agenda and then we were freeeeeeeee!

Tomorrow's another meeting (nuisance) and then we are off to SF! I will be documenting our trip as much as possible and will share that with all of you here of course. =D

Good night!

May's & Meng's excitement is contagious

F3 and C'Store are officially out of my hands.

Ahhh, sigh of relief.

So we were required to send off our designs to the above-mentioned competitions and now that the packages have been handed off to the ever-joyous US Postal Office, we can all breathe easy(er).

Anyway, I am sorry I neglected to update the blog when I had the opportunity to, I honestly felt completely unmotivated to record what had happened. So let me do so in bullet point style:

-drive 3(ish) hours to Fresno and check into the luxurious Super 8
-check in and get our badges for the competition
-ate dinner at a Carrows that ran out of everything we ordered

-arrived to the competition around 9:30am - 10:00am
-got called into the Holding area way early
-finished the competition by 10:45am
-taped some other groups for fellow peers and left at 11:30am
-ate a delectable crispy chicken sandwich at McD's
-drove 3(ish) hours to take Olivia back to school
-drive 4 hours and took a dinner rest stop at Dennys
-drive 2+ hours to get home to SG
-drive 1 hour to get back to LB


as you can see, I did not really find any drive to be articulate with my blog lately...get it? get it? Yeah, I'm cool.

Anyway, today was hectic with prepping the F3 to get ready to mail out and once that was done- the air just felt a little fresher. =D

By the way, I wonder if everyone knows why I named my blog the way it is: an unpronounceable mess. It all started with a noisy setting and a Starbucks barrista with bad hearing.

But...look what they did to Odona:

and they had copied it straight from the paper too...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Olicka-lu-lu!

We made it!

In many pieces...

It was a flurry of activity today to get everything prepared for our drive up north. Of course today happened to be one of the busiest days for both my parents so our 1pm schedule became 2:30pm. In any case, we set off on our journey and my goodness, I rarely see the drive up during the daytime. In sunlight, I can see all the modest glistening lakes, beautiful mountains (which Jimmy refers to as 'Microsoft Windows wallpaper") and all the thousands and thousands of smelly cows.

We made good time even with traffic on the way up. After a hearty dinner, Odona and I drove up up to Berkeley to surprise mz Olivia for her bday. We walked into their apartment living room and she stared at me for a good 2 seconds before gasping. Slowwwwww

Three cakes and some jello later, I'm sitting here on her bed about to get ready for bed. Tomorrow's another busy day- we have to drive back down to San Jose to pick up my parents and then make way to Fresno in order to weigh in before 6pm. Oh the joys of tournament-ing. Anyway, good night and I may not be able to update this till Monday due to all the constant driving so... bye!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

C'Store- No More!

I simply despise Ke$sha and her music... but the stupid song is stuck in my head! "Don't stop, make it pop"


Anyway, today was one of those odd days where you expect one thing but get something completely different. I expected two full classes plus an awfully dreaded meeting. Instead I had no classes! But, er...still had to deal with that dumbo dreaded meeting.

C'Store is done! I just have to send it in tomorrow to enter the competition, here is a sample of my exterior and interior convenience store

I'm glad to have it out of my hands! Yipee!

Tomorrow's another journey, we have to drive up North and compete in Sunday's tkd tournament for team competition. Get ready, Olivia! We're coming to getcha!

Good-bye Olivia-wallpaper

I did it! After having the pleasure of hosting Olivia's dumbo pic on my desktop and having the entire class see it (and laugh at it) numerous times, I decided to change the background into this picture.

Of course I am giving myself generous props for snapping this simple shot but I love it =D

Today started out decently...that is until some incompetent person decided to come on and ruin my day. Sigh... no details on that just in case.

After the entire ordeal, we decided that today was our celebration day so we headed out to South Coast Plaza for some shopping relaxation. It was a quick and speedy experience that ended with some sea salt coffee at 85C (May's addiction.)

I looked back at my purchases and found that one had particularly interested me so here it is:

The Shu Uemura (still can't say it) Cleansing Oil

I have heard so many rave reviews on this so we shall see. I actually tried to use it earlier but did not use enough to actually experience the product so no judgment yet!

Other than that, the night has just been a series of lazy Ophe positions. If I could coin that phrase, I will be one happy girl. I would take a picture of these aesthetic masterpieces but I don't want to intimidate you so...

and I DO ACTUALLY think "Wed-nes-day" in my head! AHHH

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fry-End Pee-oh-pole?

F3 -- check! C'Store -- check! Relaxation time yet? -- check! In case my subtle hints haven't been clear enough, my C'Store presentation was today and I am so glad to finish the intense project and relax for a little while. Of course our week isn't done being stressful yet because we have to edit all the details before submitting the project to the competition by the end of this week. Ick.

Anyway, life goes on as you can see here, post-presentation. See the unconstrained excitement?

I am ready to take my afternoon off tomorrow. Enjoy a little shopping and hanging out with friends. Every time I type "friends," I always think: Fry Ends. I also do that when I type out or spell out "people," I always think: Pee-oh-pole...weirdo.

Does anyone else do things like that? Let me know!

Tired and retired

it's 5am

...project is done for now...

I fail at updating every day. I should have promised to update every time before I sleep. Although if I did that, you would get posts like this one every day. Ew.

Well, I'm sorry this one is a downer post but it's been a loooooonnnggg day! Plumbers came and could not fix the problem. Instead, they revealed a much bigger problem that will have to be dealt with another day. But our kitchen sink is clogged and now the hot water is milky = not good.

Sighhh I'm tired. Sorry everyone! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I will return with much more optimism next time!

By the way, whenever I type out this blogger I have to use the font, Courier, otherwise the entire post looks wrong. Just a little f.y.i. for you today! Okay, time to sleep for 2.5 hrs before another full 12 hr day!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Stress

I woke up so early for a tkd test that only consisted of...27 people?!

Hi everyone!
It has seriously been awhile since I have been able to write a real blog entry and before I continue, I will not be writing anything competent today either.

It's been a stressful spring break (as I have mentioned maybe 8923743987 times before) We are wrapping up our C'Store project and the lack of sleep + stress + horrible allergies have really been difficult to work through. I am currently rendering one of my perspectives and decided to update this horribly borring blog. Thank you for reading!

I leave you now with this weirdo picture:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beware the laziness syndrome

Oh the joys of working during break.

Yes, I AM complaining again.

Anyway, here goes a picture post:
I have been working away in my room which by the way is quite hazardous to my health. I suppose the intensely rational mindset of mine had rationalized that it would be more productive and efficient for me to stock a ton of food and sugary drinks inside my room while I worked. That way, I suppose, it would condense the amount of time used to walk downstairs to retrieve food and drinks. Smart? No.

In actuality, my laziness of wanting to "be efficient" has caused me to overeat. And worse part of this story is that I knew it but didn't care. Stress can either cause people to overeat or simply stop eating and I think I have experienced both ends of the spectrum. It's not healthy and you should not do it! I don't know why we do this- for comfort? Comfort you feel from eating the food or comfort you get from believing that eating can be sacrificed for work time. In any case, don't do it! Be nice to yourself and take the extra trips downstairs, take the break, enjoy your meals- the rest will surely bring more productivity.

Ok, so here is my room right now

and here is my drawing that I forgot to rotate and now am not sure how to do so on blogger

Here are two lipsticks I decided to try swatching- first one is Jemma Kid English Rose

and second one is Revlon Nude Attitude

Don't really know why I am so focused on lipsticks lately but I like how they look

and finally, here is my bowl of shells that I have collected from Newport Beach. No, it's not ALL me, I have lovely friends and family members who grab the nicest shells they could find for me so take that! The bowl is from Salvation Army and was about $5? If not less...score!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sorry, I'm sick and lazy today

Sniff Sniff, go away runny nose!
Run, run, run away!
You make breathing quite a chore,
I want you no more!

Ok, so no pictures today because of the state of my sneezy nose. I had to go to wait for the plumbers to replace our faulty water heater today! Yipee! I drove Irene to school, May may came over with lots of goodies (Subways and Starbucks), and now I am back at home doing hw! What a great spring break!

Sniff sniff- sneeze!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sick???? AGAIN????

Here I am sitting in front of the computer sipping my 7up in one hand and Airbourne in the other. Argh. Not again. I'm not sure what brought this on... I know that the drastic temperature changes throughout the day may have played a large part to this sniffly nuisance. Although I do recall my dad looking a little groggy a few days ago, right around the time he gave me a big ole hug.

...hey...wait a minute...

Anyway, I tried to do a close up shot of my NARS Sheer Glow Foundation effect on my face and here are two photos

Which also brings to the point that photos are deceiving. The first photo looks like the foundation did an extraordinary job in creating a luminous glow on my skin. Yet the second photo looks quite regular. OR my skin is just bonkers.

I also tried to do a comparison between my Sheer Glow and my Sheer Matte and I don't think you can see how the Matte really dulls my skin. I believe that it would work best for truly oil skinned people so if you are a normal/combination skin, I would suggest the Sheer Glow.

Other than staring at the effects of foundation on my face, I have been trying to pick away at the C'Store design and here is what I have to show for it. Victory?

And my random photo of the day: lipglosses!