Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whew, presentation's done...for now

Ah the joys of a post-presentation celebration. Of course this Mid-Review was not grounds for spending all night trying to hash out sheets of sketches. Instead, we all sauntered into the studio on time to meet and greet our guest Critiques.

Our instructor invited six Crits today and separated them into two groups. Our group had two out of the three Crits leave before the presentations were over due to scheduling conflicts. But if they knew they could not stay, why come at all?

This one Crit was being quite difficult today- he kept interrupting presentations and putting down people for not having enough work shown. I agree that there should be a level of information given to show the student's train of thought and time/effort. But to put them down during a mid-review? Well, I would expect a bit more assistance to guide them to the next step.

Here's an image of my board:

Anyway, afterward we went to a L'Oreal trailer (much like the F3 MUV!) that parked on our campus. We took turns going into the trailer to be assisted by a skin care professional who helped us match the right product to our needs. We were able to test out our free product and try different lotions and makeup items. This is what I got:

You can detach the center scrub to use. I really liked it but I've only used it once so... more details later?

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