Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Unnecessarily Long Review for the Guerlain LipLift

Today is going to be dedicated (mostly) to a product review for Guerlain's KissKiss LipLift!

I purchased this product about two weeks ago and have since tried every possible way to use it successfully. Very unfortunately though, it did not deliver what I had been promised and I had to return it to its rightful home.

So here is the breakdown, sans photos of the product on my lips (whoops! sorry!)

This cost a whopping $30 which I knew was super expensive but knowing that Sephora has a wonderfully stress-free return policy, I purchased it to give it a shot. I have been quite interested in lip products recently but was unhappy to find that many lipsticks left a sad imprint at the end of the day. My lips are not fully plumped and hydrated to keep the formulations (of any brand) to stay on without settling into the cracks.

Which is why I turned to a Sephora makeup artist for a solution. He introduced me to Guerlain's lip plumper/primer and claimed it was his favorite. But he made sure to tell me to try gliding it on, rubbing it on, patting it on, etcetera on...

Well, I tried all the methods and even tried the many ways to apply the lipstick by blotting, patting, and dotting it on with varying pressures and still to no avail did this work. Actually, I have to take that back because I remember now that it did work quite successfully once. But one out of ten times does not make the product worthwhile.

I debated with myself if I should continue the experiment but at the end of the day, I just got frustrated. In all honesty, the product did plump my lips but also dried them out in the process. The lipstick does not stay on well unless you add a light light layer. But if you do not carefully glide it on, you will accidentally move the lip primer/plumper around as well which ultimately negates its purpose. Argh!

So back it went, and now I am willing to give another product a chance. Perhaps my lips are destined to be crack-free but until I find this magical product out, I will never know! =D

For now, I am going to return to working on my C'Store designs. Here is a picture of a rejected design. Yipee!

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