Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday's Theme: Yawning

My new facebook profile pic. Like it?

Today was our take down day in the gallery where we got to tear down hours and hours of hard work in a matter of seconds. For some reason reckless ripping is very satisfying.

Anyway, our day basically came down to this: coffee, yawn, autocad, yawn, printing, presentation, another presentation, yawn. Oh yes, and ...yawning.

Jay something-er-I-forget from Kanner Architects came to give a short and concise presentation on his gas station designs. A few included: Westwood Village Convenience Store, E-station, and United Oil Gas Station.

You should definitely check that out.

By the way, I just officially registered for the 2010 California State Championship! Eep!


  1. lol. i don't think he ever stated his last name. it was just "Jay".

  2. Are you an architecture student or an interior design student?

    That's a really nice building btw