Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sun + Rain = Sain

I spent about three and a half hours practicing forms today. Yay!

What an odd day of rain and sunshine! If you live in the LA Valley area, you will know what I am talking about. The cloudy skies opened to a burst of sunshine that was accompanied by heavy rain. It is always so funny to me when there is a mixture of sunshine and rain, I feel like it is a contradiction that makes me laugh. But of course many other climates in other locations experience these two natural elements together all the time so I may just be crazy.

We had a guest Master come to the studio today, a Master Reggie from the US Team. He offered a lot of detailing towards all our basic techniques and stances. I remember back in the day (here we go) all of us received a lot of focus on every technical and presentational detail of our poomsae. Hours on end were spent on a simple stance or execution of blocks. Slowly we lost that focus and began to spend more energy on sparring techniques and now the newer generation really demonstrates that loss of focus.

Of course this is not a bad thing, it just reminds me that things change throughout time. It is our duty as evolved individuals to accept change and continue to learn to grow.

On another note, ever had one of these? One second you see them

Then you don't!

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