Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sickie Me

Ah, finally a day off.

I went to bed last night with a blissful sigh that Saturday would be obligation-free and relaxing. I woke up this morning with a terribly dry sore throat. Damn it.

We headed far into the gorgeous-ness of El Monte to eat at a tiny dumpling house. They sat the four of us way way way way back in the restaurant which ultimately means:
a. if there were a fire, we would have a hell of a time getting out
b. we get to enjoy the delightful flushing sounds of the adjacent restrooms
c. we get no service

We sat there waiting for tea for almost 15 minutes and if you are familiar with Chinese restaurants, you know that despite the expected rude service, the only compensation we have is the efficiency of the staff to spit out (not literally) drinks and dishes. Well, my dad did not want to wait any longer so when the next wait staff came by, he loudly pronounced, "I've been waiting forever for tea, I will just go get it myself." They practically threw the tea at our table in their embarrassment. Sigh.

Around 6pm, we braved the 101 hwy traffic to head over to our favorite cousin's place and ate till our tummies burst! (again, not literally) After our close game of Taboo, we all scrambled back home to prepare for tkd tomorrow. Another unproductive day but a happy one nonetheless.

Check out my favorite new mascara combination!

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