Monday, March 1, 2010

Planning for Upcoming Show

Another fun night of AutoCad! Yay....

I forgot to mention an amazing discovery last cubicle-mate, Meng introduced me to Fresh & Easy desserts! Woah baby! Hahah, check them out! I had some delicious Red Velvet Cake today for about $2 and I have to say that after a long day of Cad, nothing says joy like Red Velvet Cake. =)

Next week is the Junior Works in Progress show at school so this Friday is open for all of us to set up our work. I am not sure which projects I want to show yet but I will definitely update here when I figure it out!

So far it looks like I will be including this F3 competition, my Bradbury design:

My Macy's Shoe Department designs:

and look what I found!

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  1. chocolate chocolate chocolate is better!!!