Monday, March 8, 2010

On the Day of our Works in Progress Show

On the Day of Works in Progress,
it was all silent in the hallway,
not a creature was stirring,
except maybe May.

The Gallery doors remained tightly closed,
we just weren't ready yet I suppose-
A few steps towards our Studio space,
we find time and pressure at its best race.

Everyone is scrambling to finish and preparing the food,
we wanted to make sure this show will be good.
Then the clock strikes six and now its too late,
what happens now is our own fate.

I enter the room and what do I see?
A fallen board, sad and staring back at me.
But no worries for our classmates are surely quick,
Some cutting and taping to make sure it would stick.

Now people are coming in groups of five,
all our friends and family begin to arrive.
Mingling throughout the crowd until hours past,
Then it was time to get out of there- fast!

Dinner full of laughter and cheer all around,
the restaurant must hate us for all that sound.
After it was back to the house for a tour,
Ten rolled around and I thought, no more.

Homework? What homework? I'm ready for bed,
Jumping into my pjs, green and red.
Good night everyone and thanks for the love,
I'm glad to have great people to be thankful of.

***pictures to come!