Sunday, March 28, 2010

Olivia's Mom-cut looks nice

Today was a flurry of activity! Er... in the morning at least. We woke up, changed really quickly, had a super short lunch, drove at the speed of light to LAX, and rushed Olivia to her flight. Yes, all in a day's work.

Here's minutes before the departure!

And here's Olivia's new 'mom' haircut!

While we retreated back to our bat cave, I noticed a flash of color from the corner of my eyes. What was that? I looked over and found...


Beautious! ...

Which brings me to my new favorite nail polish of the moment: OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender from the Hong Kong Collection. It is a creamy pink-lavender color that is easy to apply and requires two coats minimum to achieve an opaque finish.

with flash

without flash

$9 at Ulta

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