Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MAC's Blooming Lovely and my sad-looking drawing

Awkward Face of the Day!

Color is again a bit off but good enough to see the general idea. I played around with my Kat Von D palette in Beethoven today and came up with just a shimmery purple eye. My lips are what stands out today. I recently purchased the last Blooming Lovely from MAC Nordstroms and found the intimidating color to be quite refreshing and fun to wear.

Its purple tones really help accentuate your lip shape and while it definitely stands out being an amplified cream, it can be toned down enough to be wearable. The best way to apply it is to either blot it on or use a lip brush...though honestly, who has time to grab and clean a lip brush?

In other news, I am having to deal with the deadline of my C'Store design that is due this Tuesday April 6. Argh. With the show taking place during the duration of this project, I feel like I have lost a week and have not really put enough time and effort into this project. Overall, I am lacking motivation and inspiration. Help! Here's a bad picture of my line drawing for my perspective. Sigh, back to work I go..

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