Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Two of Preparations

Another fun day in the Junior Studio. Today's agenda consisted of me spending another $50 to print a 30" x 48" sheet of happiness. Yay!

Anyway, it's done and over with - printing that is. Tomorrow evening is the set up for the show and lots of work will be put into preparing for the large 6' boards to be mounted alongside with name tags, pictures, our Timeline theme, etc... I will try to remember to take pictures of our class setting up and post them tomorrow. Key word = "try"

We hit the mall again today...don't look at me like that! I had promised to take Odona and Jeanne to shop yesterday but could not follow through with the plans so I promised to take them today. Anyway, our main focus was the Forever 21 in Cerritos Mall which by the way is HUGE!

*side note, Cerritos is underlined as a misspelling and when I click to check what the computer thinks it is, I see: Burritos. heheh

I had to stop by Sephora once again, of course, but this time I needed to actually return an item. I walked past the NARS display and of course had to pay my respects only to find this beautifulness!

Not only is it gorgeous in color and pigmentation, look at its gorgeous name!


Oh...and I haven't been practicing =X

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