Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Three- Boards are done

Oh what a day! Early March- now in 2010, woahhh-ho what a day!

10 bonus points if you can decipher what I am singing.

Finally done with prepping all our boards for the gallery today. As you can see the loverly Jamison babysitting her board until it is ready to move.

Aren't the board huge? They are 4' x 6' so it will be quite interesting to see how these massive boards come together. =) I was due to head over to the gallery tomorrow to help set up but hopefully a certain loverly lady (*ahem* MAY) will help me mount my display so I can head over to taekwondo practice earlier. Hey Robby!

We drove everywhere today! Everywhere as in two places... thanks in large part to May's insane speeding which allowed us to pick up Costco printed images and buy 6 large Graffer's? Grafter's? Anyway, we bought large rolls of craft tape that cost about $35 each. Ew.

Sorry this is quite late today, I took a much needed nap and then indulged in a bit of late night relaxation. No productivity allowed at this hour!

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  1. we got WAY TOO MANY rolls of tape. lol. cuz we really only needed to tape the 18" in between everyone's board, n some other parts... i think we should be able to return at least 3 rolls. josh donated his roll and that took care of all the 18" spaces already. we only used a tiny bit of the 1st new roll for the timeline pic today.

    ur board is up n looking good...except there's conduit on the right, so we had to put ur name on the left of ur board instead. there r still a lot of unfinished boards and finished boards waiting to be mounted. meng n i r going bk tmr at 6pm to help do the rest (including meng's board.) and i need to do my process part too. how do u wanna do ur process part? the angle is quite steep, so nailing/mounting or using a stopper is definitely needed.

    anyways, let me know. n i'll stop this LONG comment now. :p