Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Bunch of Text

Yay! Spring break has officially started! Unfortunately it means that Olivia's is going to end but we all had good fun. Today was an uneventful day that started slow and ended fast. We waited for an hour to begin our AutoCad class where a few of our class members' projects were projected on the overhead so that the professor could point out key items and mistakes.

Then it was onto lunch followed by a quick review session with our next Instructor on our C'Store designs. I will show pictures soon!

Oh my, I am so exhausted for no specific reason today. After battling the hour drive from school to home in unforgiving traffic, we decided to take our Mama out for a nice walk through the local shopping center. It was a success since she found an eye cream and cute long sleeve shirt. I wanted to do a review of a product that I purchase, tested, and returned. But my camera is downstairs and my body is refusing to let me go retrieve it. Stupid, me!

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