Monday, March 15, 2010

Bug zapping the competition

So I have been somewhat avoiding the topic of school and C'Store these past few entries...

Yes, we have begun a new project about two weeks ago. But with the chaos of our show last week, many of us have neglected to put much attention and focus into this project. As I have pre-mentioned, this C'Store competition is held by where students will submit designs for a prototype gas station/convenience store.

Here are my preliminary designs:

I started off with the idea of a bug zapper where insects cannot help but be drawn in...but after being warned about the correlation between customers finding refuge and insects being zapped, I decided to take a new direction.

Still with that idea of light capturing the attention of passerbys, I have decided to use a moth as inspiration. Moths use light as a navigational aid and to orient themselves to be able to fly straight. I plan to use this (somehow) in my designs.

The California State Championships are coming up this Saturday! Eeee! Wish me luck! Ok, now onto my homework.

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