Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Looooong Day =/

Yes, it is another day in Studio... Unfortunately.

I was in school for exactly 12 hours today. Yippee?! No.

It's been a long and dragged out day with AutoCad loveliness in the morning, a quick Subways and Starbucks lunch, and then back to school for a surprise guest critique! Yay.

Here's an updated quick sketch of flexible chair/display areas:

My idea is for these flexible panels to be adjustable for whatever the artist's needs may be. This was what that Staedtler Flexible Curve Ruler inspired me to do. Anyway, I don't feel like blogging much because at this point, I am in a poo mood so let me show you what I wasted 8 hours doing last semester.

It was a project for our Display and Exhibition class. It had great potential to be a great class but alas, the fate of a class is highly dependent on the instructor and well, obviously we did not have a great instructor. Anyway, the thin strips of colored trace paper bundled together is to symbolize a large stack of LightBlocks samples attached together. Then, visitors could come up to these self-standing pieces and be able to turn each sample around ...I don't think I'm explaining it's just how you would flare out cards in your hands except these are samples attached to a rod so you would flare each sample out or be able to layer them for effect.

Anyway, I am tired and it's 12:30am so I shall leave you all now. Thank you so much for reading this. Virtual hug!

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