Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update on F3 Project

We were told last week to develop a concept for our Airstream trailers and create some sort of concept model. Well, I went away from that class with great big question marks swirling around my head. I could only think of two musical artists:

Jack Johnson and Lady Gaga.

Yes, see the similarities? Ok, at this point I decided that I wanted to choose someone with a lot of possibilities in terms of creative design and clever merchandise marketing. Of course this leads me to reveal that I had chosen to use Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, with her unusual fashion aesthetics and creative musical output, inspires me to really push my design and go all out. I have not yet developed the overall environment that will tie together this entire concept, but I have come to the big idea: an avant-garde capsule. Odd? Yesss!

Just some images of my simple concept model. It is really about something two dimensional growing into an organic form.

Oh yes, and as creative designers, we do need our down time. May decided to take a picture of our cubicle Cookie Monster and I decided to take a picture of May.

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