Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Oh goodness, please forgive me for being tardy almost every single day. Well, it's Sunday again...Already? I feel like the weekend just started and yet I am back at school again. Sigh.

Ok, enough of that melodramatic rant, how was everyone's Sunday? Guess what I spent it doing?

I personally was rooting for the Colts to win but ah well, the Saints did play well. =)

We watched the game at a friend's house where he was hosting a "Hot Dog Station" by grilling the dogs and having an array of different bun toppers. I had a toasted bun with hot dog, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, mayo, ketchup, and hash browns on the side. Woah, can anyone else say, calorie overload?

In any case, we were sitting there enjoying/crying through the game and through my powers of observation I heard a familiar reaction echoed through the game. At any time when someone is on the losing end, there seems to be a strong reaction against those individuals showing any sort of emotional remorse. This would qualify as being a "poor loser" and would be looked down upon. Yet if one was on the winning end and began to cry out of happiness or relief, everyone would look with praise and admiration. How funny that losers cannot cry yet winners can.

And if one were winning and showed any sort of over-excitement, they would be reprimanded for showing off. Winners must stay humble and modest to gain respect. Hmm I wonder if anyone else finds this interesting.

..maybe not. here's my last sexy pic of the weekend!

you're welcome =)

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