Saturday, February 27, 2010

Recuperation Day

I am in a recover mode from project one of this semester. Having about eleven hours of sleep did some good to my body. =) didn't do much for my motivation to document my day today, here's a brief summary:

*ate at Savoy with friends - if you are in the Alhambra area, you better get your butt there for some really good hainan chicken!

*tkd - decided to give tournaments another shot. I used to compete, quite a lot for such a short period of time. But I really haven't competed myself since age seventeen. This will be interesting.

*ate at Sunday Cafe for a late dinner with tkd friends... oomph I'm full

*now at LB with Olivia and her friends visiting! This is their pit stop from San Francisco to San Diego for a tkd tournament. Go Cal!

*I am so's a pic to end the night

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