Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not My Day

Thank you May for your wonderful photography skills...

Ugh, today was not a great day.

I awoke early to meet with friends because we needed to get into the computer lab to change some of our file formatting. Unfortunately the computer lab was not opened. Ugh #1 of the day.

Our classes droned on for the next 6-7 hours. It was exhausting with a few long class meetings in between. I did not step foot outside of the building today. Ugh #2.

Then as the dreaded new class was approaching, we received an email that said we were not required to go today...Two hours wasted. Ugh #3.

Finally, there was the call where I found out that the plumbers confirmed a small gas leak in our water heater. Unfortunately they cannot help us fix it until we order the parts in. How frustrating to know that there is a gas leak and we have to leave it till we get the parts in?! UGH #4!

So I will just try to get through this week and next...I am not motivated to work very hard right now, I just want to finish this project and hopefully start fresh with a clear mind. =)

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