Friday, February 12, 2010

Norton Simon Museum

Recognize this fella? No, it's not the latest Swiffer technology- it's Kirby!

Today was a relax day as I really have not touched the F3 project since yesterday afternoon. It's been consistently like this for the past few weeks. Return home on Thursday and then work on Saturday. =D As I read through the past entries of my blog, I realized that having pictures really up my Blog Awesome mode so here we go!

In my desperation I decided to take a picture of my socks. Looking back now, I've realized that I do not own any plain socks. Anyone else enjoy fun sockies?

We headed to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena this afternoon for Jeanne and Odona's class project. I haven't been to a museum in a while so it was a nice change from the usual drudgery. Trying to navigate through Old Town was a monster, I truly dread driving through because suddenly drivers lose all sense of direction and driving etiquette - what am I saying? It's LA, there really is no driving etiquette here. I suppose the general rule is the fast you cut someone off, the sooner you will reach your destination.

Here is a photo, courtesy of Odona, of me admiring a painting of St. Peter's in Rome. I have actually walked through this magnificent structure, but seeing it depicted in its original state is quite a sight.

This awesome sculpture is my favorite piece! I cannot remember where I first saw this, though I am quite sure it was from an Art History class, but it was even better in person. The sculpture, made entirely of bronze, is called Tall Figure IV. Jeanne and I are gawking at the physical and spiritual height.

I have taped a good amount of my day today and will proceed to upload it onto the GowtheMang channel on youtube. So if you are interested in what else happened, please check that one out later. =)

Tomorrow is another field trip so check back!

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  1. ME!!
    i love ugly cute socks (donno how they can be ugly but cute at the same time, but they DO!)