Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making a little more progress

Today is the day that I completed my perspective. I don't necessarily love it but I like it enough to move on. I have to say that the picture looks worse scanned so maybe my scanner is not the best. I feel like I lost a lot of saturation so the intensity of the colors become lost. Ok, more time needed to Photoshop! Thanks for being so kind to follow me! If I had the courage to show you my tiresome, stressed, pimply face- I would! But I don't so...I won't. And here comes a rhyme:

Stress makes a mess
on my face- what distaste.
What a mean little thing,
what trouble it can bring.
No time for bed,
it hurts my head.
I hate you stress!
Please visit me less!


  1. your oldest girl cousin who has the same last name as youFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:02 PM

    the colored tiles on the walls are GREAT. don't forget her maniacally huge wig collection for some of those great mannequin heads. Don't know how your finished product will look but if you're ok with it, I can possibly pass it along to someone at work and see how far it can go =)

  2. very nice! the picture, not the rhyme.