Monday, February 1, 2010

I have waited 5 months for this

Today was marks the day that we actually have our plumbing issues resolved. Deep breath, exhale, ahhh. For the past five months or so, we have been playing phone tag with our warranty company complaining about plumbing issues. One plumber visit after another and still the issues were never resolved. Finally today is the day. Despite any previous grumbling about waking at the break of dawn, I am glad... does 9 am count as the break of dawn?

Anyway, before the plumbers left, they gave me clear instructions on how to drain the water heater to prevent anymore sediment build-up. I, being Mz. Responsible, waited till everyone returned home and showered before having to shut down our water supply for an hour. Well, unfortunately, I did not foresee all the minuscule complications that resulted in Jeanne being drenched from head to toe.

Details, details, the end of the story involves us having proper heating, proper water outage, and proper plumbing.

Let's move on.

Today was also our first day of cardio class where we started the semester with Step. If you have never taken Step, you may look at it as I did and think, it doesn't look that bad. Well, looks may be deceiving. No, it was not horrible, but I did in fact get the workout I was hoping for. The class involves a lot of body coordination and step 1-2-3 step, pretty soon the simple steps that you learn as basics are mixed into various combinations. I had fun and I look forward to the next class- we even celebrated with Yogurtland afterward. =D

Well, a few hours have passed since our water heater debacle and while my sleeve is still undoubtedly wet, I am going to try to take a stab at my work and make a dent in what feels un-dent-able at the moment. Talk to you tomorrow.

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