Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Another beautiful day to add to week. Loverly. I decided to try to capture the magnificent mountains with this photo but I am afraid that the magnitude of the clarity and size really cannot be captured in film.

It was family day today! And it's also Chinese New Year so it is filled with traditional celebrations where every food item has a phonetic twist to create meaningful sayings and good wishes. We spent the New Years with G-mom yesterday so today was less pressure in trying to cook a large meal with the usual suspects. Usual suspects meaning Fat Choy (black algae), fish, veggies, oyster, turnip cake, noodles, and Lien Gao (a sort of gooey baked cake it?) Older family members and married couples typically give Red Envelopes to the younger folk for good luck and good fortune.

So Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We celebrated today with ... Starbucks!

And as a gift to me, the barrista spelled my name correctly!

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