Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Mid-Review

Today was the nerve-racking day where we presented our preliminary designs to the guest professionals from the field. Ooh were my nerves playing terrible tricks on me!

Well, I suppose it is not a new idea to be speaking about our designs to guests from the field. But since this was our first time showing unfinished work, we were unsure of the caliber of professionalism expected from us. I would say compared to the rest of the class, my thought process and work study board was somewhere in the middle. Some students brought out a bit too much for this mid-review while some brought out too little.

So here is my board, please keep in mind that this was an unfinished thought process yearning for new ideas and comments.

As most of you know, my MUV trailer is one inspired by the outrageous persona of Lady Gaga. My concept is really focused on the idea of grotesque beauty. Since a lot of her aesthetics stem from modern social media as she often takes beautiful things and turns them into odd shapes and forms, I decided to take the different route by taking what is perceived as disgusting and make it beautiful.

Case and point: I found an image of a rainforest Stinkhorn Fungi that I plan to use and manipulate into a beautiful design for the Gaga Mobile. *hopefully.

There is truly something beautiful about the rhythm of that perforated netting coming out of the mushroom-like fungus. I want to incorporate this into my design by replacing the exterior of the trailer with this sort of netting as a coat. Meanwhile, the inside of that mesh would display the use of fiber optics much like this image:

I also plan to use this material in the interior of the vehicle by having it surround the mannequin Gaga heads you see in my process board so that they stimulate movement and an odd sort of growing head.

But sigh, there is still much to do and much to develop. I am still, in my opinion, what is considered the early stages. My overall presentation went over pretty well as there was not that much to give the guests to comment on. Haha, maybe I did that on purpose? Lol.

I will develop a bit more tonight and spend the next few weeks finessing this project. At this point after hearing all the critiques, I am imagining Lady Gaga meets Tim Burton meets Blue Man Group meets Cirque Du Soleil. Sounds good yes?

Wish me luck! I will post some sketches when I find any worthy of sharing with my loverly readers. =D

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