Sunday, February 14, 2010

Field Trip - Venice Beach!

Sometimes the architecture in downtown really surprises me. =)

Today was another field trip day! Which also meant not doing homework today... =T

Our field trip today was to Venice Beach! I don't think I have ever been here, but it was such a different atmosphere from the usual Huntington Beach and Newport Beach because there was so much to do! This beach features a skate park, a gym, plenty of stores, etc...

The point of this field trip was for Odona and Jeanne to attain a permit and be able to spray paint a wall. ??? Yes, that is how I felt when I first heard about this but it really does remind me of the John Lennon wall in Prague. I remember visiting it several times during my Study Abroad Summer Program and seeing it rapidly change from one graphic to another. That sort of liveliness really brings home how much any form of creativity is a form of free expression.

Finally- a normal picture of us. I usually have to catch him off-guard to get a "normal" shot. =)

Of course we had to end the day with some silliness

I really miss the beach =/

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