Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exceed like Rashid

Today was an odd day. I fell asleep at 2am this morning due to the over-energetic state of my racing mind, as you could probably tell from my previous post. Unfortunately, my energy did not allow me to sleep peacefully as I bolted up wide awake at 6am. Argh.

Well, nothing a little Starbucks couldn't fix. =)

The first few hours of school entailed a lot of zooming in and out of my cad screen. Zzzz.

We walked around campus for a bit and then returned to the studio to sit through a quick group presentation on Karim Rasheed. Interesting designer who graduated with a Bachelors in Interior Design but is world renown for integrating the art of Interior and Industrial Design elements.

In adding these unique structural shapes and geometric patterns, it calls out to the guests to really embrace the experience of the room.

Some day...some day, I hope. His designs really inspire me to explore the unfamiliar.

After the presentation, we awaited our instructor for about two hours only to have her run out of time and not reach our side of the room. Sigh. Anyway, I am home now so it is time to decompress and relax from the long dragged out day. Tomorrow is a field trip day so many pictures to come! =D

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