Saturday, February 6, 2010

Enjoy Life...Or Else!

Warning: Please do not let my sexy scare you off

This entire week was all about newscasters discussing the delightful storm that was approaching Southern California. I waited and waited and waited. Nothing.

So Friday rolls by and I think to myself, perhaps this would be a great opportunity to take the dogs out for a walk, and what ends up happening? Well, on the up side I don't have to water the lawn.

I know this post is an hour late, I was actually eating a late late dinner and just returned. Of course I rushed to write in my blog, well actually, I did put on my face mask first so...

Odona is preparing for the TKD US Open in Vegas next week and I am preparing to hound her shadow until she is as prepared as possible. Unfortunately, I will not be able to accompany her on her trip as it falls on an entire week of school and with my demanding school schedule, I'm afraid those consecutive days are days I cannot afford.

Speaking of school, I had a random thought just now. Kids spend most of their childhood playing games like House to feel more grown up. In their adolescence, all they think about is growing up and becoming older and wiser. Their teenage years are about validating their maturity into adulthood. Once they become adults and venture into the working world, that is when they regret growing up and dream of their childhood.

So lesson is to enjoy your life as is. We cannot cease growth- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Do not resist it, you really do become wiser with age! And do not fret on mistakes. Mistakes teach you to do better and with that, you can enjoy life.

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