Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found new inspiration today for my trailer design. It all came from this:

But I don't want to share anymore until my instructor approves of this tomorrow. Well, that is, IF she approves. =)

Today was one of those really random days where you find yourself exceptionally giddy and energized. I suppose the extra hours of sleep and unneeded presence at my studio added to this extra boost of endorphins. I made a quick vlog for my sisters and my Gowthemang channel on youtube. If you are interested, it really is just us being extra stupid. =)

I drove Jeanne to school at 11ish and came home to super relax. Knowing of all the responsibilities ahead did not stop me from watching youtube videos and looking at other fun blogs. My friends did not arrive till about 2pm (which is after their History of Furniture class that I already completed) and we drove to eat at Deli News where they serve $5 medium pizzas. Afterward, we walked to Target to buy necessary bath items and exercise attire.

One quick pit stop at Starbucks and we were back at the studio. Ho hum.

That was when the head scratching, fist gripping, and foot stomping started. Yes, that IS how I conceptualize. I finally found inspiration through my Staedtler Flexible Curve Ruler and well, let's see what she says tomorrow.

I felt like my excitement couldn't be contained in the dreary atmosphere of our design studio so I began prodding and poking at the idea of shopping to my friends. Hook, bait, sinker! We packed up at 7pm and headed to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

Curious to what I purchased? Lymo is curious too.

No worries, a video will come soon. =) A very happy Ophelia, over and out! (I am NOT saying or typing that again, no worries.)

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  1. i miss lymo! imma go earlier tmr (before meng) so i can play w/ lymo! heehee.