Thursday, February 4, 2010

All day at school

Howdy All!

No, I'm not a cowgirl and I'm not sure what spurred that. Get it? Har har (as Olivia would say) nevermind.

Anyway, today's post is unfortunately without the accompaniment of pictures because of my forgetful nature and lazy habits. I have not been successful in capturing myself through any lens, both digital and film.

However, I could offer you the few details of my day so away I go!

Classes begun at 9am as usual and we are all diligently at our cubicles working on plotting out our floor plans on AutoCad. If you are not familiar with cad, you are lucky. It is really no-brainer work once you've gotten the hand of it but it is nice to have that sort of task ahead of you after many hours of frustrating creative development so I don't mind it at all.

What I have not yet shared with all of you is that my class has the opportunity this semester to travel to San Francisco during April to visit architectural firms and just enjoy the city as a class. And as the class president, I am in charge of putting together this trip by organizing these tours and figuring out costs, transportation, housing, etc... Well, this morning one of my classmates approaches me to tell me that his friend at Google gave him an unofficial notice that they do offer student tours around their Bay offices. Yipee! I sent out a formal email today and now we shall wait and see if this will become a definite destination.

Let's see what else is going on:
- We have a Junior Works in Progress Show approaching in March so many discussions were whizzing about during lunch time, which of course I will be showing you pictures of =)
- The F3 project is progressing, I met with my instructor today and she really told me to blow my project, so to speak. She did mention that she really likes my ideas of making this trailer exciting but the space constrictions affect my plans. So now she is suggesting that I really open up the trailer, tear down walls, and explore the possibilities of negating the original trailer's infrastructure.
- We had an open portfolio today where we opened our forbidden studio doors to allow underclassmen to enter and view what work helped us get through the portfolio process.

Other than all that, I hear it might rain tomorrow which is such a bummer.


Oh. And my car is being a butt.

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