Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stupid forgetful me.

Argh, I decided to go to the mall and relax today... some stupid person decided to sneak into the spot that I signaled for first! After debating if we should all go out and scratch our anger out, we decided to be the bigger person and move on. Luckily we ended up with a better, closer spot! Karma! Too many people at the mall to make it relaxing though =/

I am so stupid, I left my charger at LB so now I cannot do my hw on this computer because even turning on Parallel eats up a large chunk of my computer... is that too poor of an excuse to not do hw this weekend? =)

I guess I will just have to update again late Sunday night because I won't get back till then. Boo.
It's raining and gloomy. I send my prayers to Chile and best wishes to Hawaii. Check back Sunday!

Recuperation Day

I am in a recover mode from project one of this semester. Having about eleven hours of sleep did some good to my body. =) didn't do much for my motivation to document my day today, here's a brief summary:

*ate at Savoy with friends - if you are in the Alhambra area, you better get your butt there for some really good hainan chicken!

*tkd - decided to give tournaments another shot. I used to compete, quite a lot for such a short period of time. But I really haven't competed myself since age seventeen. This will be interesting.

*ate at Sunday Cafe for a late dinner with tkd friends... oomph I'm full

*now at LB with Olivia and her friends visiting! This is their pit stop from San Francisco to San Diego for a tkd tournament. Go Cal!

*I am so's a pic to end the night

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Project One - Done

Ughhh 3 hours of sleep have left me a bit out of sorts...

Our presentations lasted a whopping four hours today. FOUR HOURS! Unheard of in Ophelia's world. I am too tired to type anymore's two images from my project. Adjustments will be made throughout the design but these two seem to be pretty set. =)

Gaga 'Little Monsters' Crown Mobile Exterior

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've been tracing lines for hourssssssssss

Tomorrow's presentation day! Dum-dum-dum!

I'm just putting the finishing touches to some drawings and then must revert to a long night of scanning, formatting, and typing up answers to many redundant questions... sighhhhh

Here's one more image for the night!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Making a little more progress

Today is the day that I completed my perspective. I don't necessarily love it but I like it enough to move on. I have to say that the picture looks worse scanned so maybe my scanner is not the best. I feel like I lost a lot of saturation so the intensity of the colors become lost. Ok, more time needed to Photoshop! Thanks for being so kind to follow me! If I had the courage to show you my tiresome, stressed, pimply face- I would! But I don't so...I won't. And here comes a rhyme:

Stress makes a mess
on my face- what distaste.
What a mean little thing,
what trouble it can bring.
No time for bed,
it hurts my head.
I hate you stress!
Please visit me less!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Making a little progress

Oh Monday, why must you come so soon?

Anyway, today's sad Monday features a few tired Starbucks-filled girls slaving away at their designs in studio. Blegh. Not much to update really because of my lack of energy and excitement. Here's my plan and elevation so far:

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Beautiful Gift

Jimmy surprised me with these beautiful earrings last night at midnight! Aww... here's how the conversation went:

Jimmy: "Hey, it's your birthday!"
Me: "No, it's still 11:59pm"
Jimmy: "Mmmm (insert angry Marge sound effect) guess where I am?"
Me: "The bathroom?"
Jimmy: "NO! I'm outside your house!"


Saturday, February 20, 2010

MAC's Laugh A Lot lipstick swatch and F3

I decided to do a lipstick swatch today. The lipstick in consideration is MAC's Laugh A Lot from their recent Spring Forecast collection. Umm...I don't know what spurred this idiocy, but I neglected to take a picture of the actual lipstick while I had good natural light so...

Anyway, you can check the MAC website or Temptalia's site for better swatches. Meanwhile, here is mine. =)

I don't remember ever taking a picture of my lip like this before and I was quite surprised to see how odd it looks. Like a weird blob of puffiness to be exact. Err, let's move on with the review.

I actually really like this lipstick. It is a lustre lipstick so it does not come out as pigmented as it looks in the tube. I do rather enjoy lustres though because of how the finish feels on the lip. If there is one thing I cannot stand about other finishes is their ability to quickly bring out the dried flakiness. Yick.

I am still trying to muster enough motivation to move forward with this F3 project. Reminder, I am making a MUV for Lady Gaga so please take that into consideration when looking at this sketch.

Ok, must continue!

Being Late is My Fate and I Hate it at this Rate

2:30am already?!
Ah, excuse my tardiness once again. Today I celebrated an early birthday dinner with my best high school friends. Korean BBQ gets all over your clothes!

I won't be blogging much until the F3 project has completed so you must deal with a higher ratio of pictures this week! Love ya!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Not My Day

Thank you May for your wonderful photography skills...

Ugh, today was not a great day.

I awoke early to meet with friends because we needed to get into the computer lab to change some of our file formatting. Unfortunately the computer lab was not opened. Ugh #1 of the day.

Our classes droned on for the next 6-7 hours. It was exhausting with a few long class meetings in between. I did not step foot outside of the building today. Ugh #2.

Then as the dreaded new class was approaching, we received an email that said we were not required to go today...Two hours wasted. Ugh #3.

Finally, there was the call where I found out that the plumbers confirmed a small gas leak in our water heater. Unfortunately they cannot help us fix it until we order the parts in. How frustrating to know that there is a gas leak and we have to leave it till we get the parts in?! UGH #4!

So I will just try to get through this week and next...I am not motivated to work very hard right now, I just want to finish this project and hopefully start fresh with a clear mind. =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yay for Great Friends!

Look at what beautiful gift my besties got me for my birthday! I have been aching for a new laptop bag since mine is a bit ...useless... I love it! Thank you so much girls! They surprised me with it at Olive Garden today and we had a wonderful time b*tching about school. =)

I love these gals!

Pics of this laptop sleeve (from Colcasac) in action tomorrow! Hahah

Looooong Day =/

Yes, it is another day in Studio... Unfortunately.

I was in school for exactly 12 hours today. Yippee?! No.

It's been a long and dragged out day with AutoCad loveliness in the morning, a quick Subways and Starbucks lunch, and then back to school for a surprise guest critique! Yay.

Here's an updated quick sketch of flexible chair/display areas:

My idea is for these flexible panels to be adjustable for whatever the artist's needs may be. This was what that Staedtler Flexible Curve Ruler inspired me to do. Anyway, I don't feel like blogging much because at this point, I am in a poo mood so let me show you what I wasted 8 hours doing last semester.

It was a project for our Display and Exhibition class. It had great potential to be a great class but alas, the fate of a class is highly dependent on the instructor and well, obviously we did not have a great instructor. Anyway, the thin strips of colored trace paper bundled together is to symbolize a large stack of LightBlocks samples attached together. Then, visitors could come up to these self-standing pieces and be able to turn each sample around ...I don't think I'm explaining it's just how you would flare out cards in your hands except these are samples attached to a rod so you would flare each sample out or be able to layer them for effect.

Anyway, I am tired and it's 12:30am so I shall leave you all now. Thank you so much for reading this. Virtual hug!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 7th Year Anniversary!

Today is our 7th year anniversary but unfortunately the day was slightly dampened by school being in session. Nevertheless, we made the best our of it by spending a few hours together couch by couch. He was watching a marathon of UFC's 100 Greatest Fights while I sat there sketching final ideas for F3.


It really does seem to become easier as the years go by because you become less demanding of the expected. For instance, every year leading up to the big 5 was filled with jewelry, flowers, electronic devices, and fancy dinners. Now at 7, we are able to just relax and enjoy each others company. How will our 30th year be like then?!

Either way, I will be happy just being with this guy.

Forever stupid... I love him!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

Another beautiful day to add to week. Loverly. I decided to try to capture the magnificent mountains with this photo but I am afraid that the magnitude of the clarity and size really cannot be captured in film.

It was family day today! And it's also Chinese New Year so it is filled with traditional celebrations where every food item has a phonetic twist to create meaningful sayings and good wishes. We spent the New Years with G-mom yesterday so today was less pressure in trying to cook a large meal with the usual suspects. Usual suspects meaning Fat Choy (black algae), fish, veggies, oyster, turnip cake, noodles, and Lien Gao (a sort of gooey baked cake it?) Older family members and married couples typically give Red Envelopes to the younger folk for good luck and good fortune.

So Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We celebrated today with ... Starbucks!

And as a gift to me, the barrista spelled my name correctly!

Field Trip - Venice Beach!

Sometimes the architecture in downtown really surprises me. =)

Today was another field trip day! Which also meant not doing homework today... =T

Our field trip today was to Venice Beach! I don't think I have ever been here, but it was such a different atmosphere from the usual Huntington Beach and Newport Beach because there was so much to do! This beach features a skate park, a gym, plenty of stores, etc...

The point of this field trip was for Odona and Jeanne to attain a permit and be able to spray paint a wall. ??? Yes, that is how I felt when I first heard about this but it really does remind me of the John Lennon wall in Prague. I remember visiting it several times during my Study Abroad Summer Program and seeing it rapidly change from one graphic to another. That sort of liveliness really brings home how much any form of creativity is a form of free expression.

Finally- a normal picture of us. I usually have to catch him off-guard to get a "normal" shot. =)

Of course we had to end the day with some silliness

I really miss the beach =/

Friday, February 12, 2010

Norton Simon Museum

Recognize this fella? No, it's not the latest Swiffer technology- it's Kirby!

Today was a relax day as I really have not touched the F3 project since yesterday afternoon. It's been consistently like this for the past few weeks. Return home on Thursday and then work on Saturday. =D As I read through the past entries of my blog, I realized that having pictures really up my Blog Awesome mode so here we go!

In my desperation I decided to take a picture of my socks. Looking back now, I've realized that I do not own any plain socks. Anyone else enjoy fun sockies?

We headed to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena this afternoon for Jeanne and Odona's class project. I haven't been to a museum in a while so it was a nice change from the usual drudgery. Trying to navigate through Old Town was a monster, I truly dread driving through because suddenly drivers lose all sense of direction and driving etiquette - what am I saying? It's LA, there really is no driving etiquette here. I suppose the general rule is the fast you cut someone off, the sooner you will reach your destination.

Here is a photo, courtesy of Odona, of me admiring a painting of St. Peter's in Rome. I have actually walked through this magnificent structure, but seeing it depicted in its original state is quite a sight.

This awesome sculpture is my favorite piece! I cannot remember where I first saw this, though I am quite sure it was from an Art History class, but it was even better in person. The sculpture, made entirely of bronze, is called Tall Figure IV. Jeanne and I are gawking at the physical and spiritual height.

I have taped a good amount of my day today and will proceed to upload it onto the GowtheMang channel on youtube. So if you are interested in what else happened, please check that one out later. =)

Tomorrow is another field trip so check back!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Exceed like Rashid

Today was an odd day. I fell asleep at 2am this morning due to the over-energetic state of my racing mind, as you could probably tell from my previous post. Unfortunately, my energy did not allow me to sleep peacefully as I bolted up wide awake at 6am. Argh.

Well, nothing a little Starbucks couldn't fix. =)

The first few hours of school entailed a lot of zooming in and out of my cad screen. Zzzz.

We walked around campus for a bit and then returned to the studio to sit through a quick group presentation on Karim Rasheed. Interesting designer who graduated with a Bachelors in Interior Design but is world renown for integrating the art of Interior and Industrial Design elements.

In adding these unique structural shapes and geometric patterns, it calls out to the guests to really embrace the experience of the room.

Some day...some day, I hope. His designs really inspire me to explore the unfamiliar.

After the presentation, we awaited our instructor for about two hours only to have her run out of time and not reach our side of the room. Sigh. Anyway, I am home now so it is time to decompress and relax from the long dragged out day. Tomorrow is a field trip day so many pictures to come! =D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found new inspiration today for my trailer design. It all came from this:

But I don't want to share anymore until my instructor approves of this tomorrow. Well, that is, IF she approves. =)

Today was one of those really random days where you find yourself exceptionally giddy and energized. I suppose the extra hours of sleep and unneeded presence at my studio added to this extra boost of endorphins. I made a quick vlog for my sisters and my Gowthemang channel on youtube. If you are interested, it really is just us being extra stupid. =)

I drove Jeanne to school at 11ish and came home to super relax. Knowing of all the responsibilities ahead did not stop me from watching youtube videos and looking at other fun blogs. My friends did not arrive till about 2pm (which is after their History of Furniture class that I already completed) and we drove to eat at Deli News where they serve $5 medium pizzas. Afterward, we walked to Target to buy necessary bath items and exercise attire.

One quick pit stop at Starbucks and we were back at the studio. Ho hum.

That was when the head scratching, fist gripping, and foot stomping started. Yes, that IS how I conceptualize. I finally found inspiration through my Staedtler Flexible Curve Ruler and well, let's see what she says tomorrow.

I felt like my excitement couldn't be contained in the dreary atmosphere of our design studio so I began prodding and poking at the idea of shopping to my friends. Hook, bait, sinker! We packed up at 7pm and headed to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

Curious to what I purchased? Lymo is curious too.

No worries, a video will come soon. =) A very happy Ophelia, over and out! (I am NOT saying or typing that again, no worries.)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Mid-Review

Today was the nerve-racking day where we presented our preliminary designs to the guest professionals from the field. Ooh were my nerves playing terrible tricks on me!

Well, I suppose it is not a new idea to be speaking about our designs to guests from the field. But since this was our first time showing unfinished work, we were unsure of the caliber of professionalism expected from us. I would say compared to the rest of the class, my thought process and work study board was somewhere in the middle. Some students brought out a bit too much for this mid-review while some brought out too little.

So here is my board, please keep in mind that this was an unfinished thought process yearning for new ideas and comments.

As most of you know, my MUV trailer is one inspired by the outrageous persona of Lady Gaga. My concept is really focused on the idea of grotesque beauty. Since a lot of her aesthetics stem from modern social media as she often takes beautiful things and turns them into odd shapes and forms, I decided to take the different route by taking what is perceived as disgusting and make it beautiful.

Case and point: I found an image of a rainforest Stinkhorn Fungi that I plan to use and manipulate into a beautiful design for the Gaga Mobile. *hopefully.

There is truly something beautiful about the rhythm of that perforated netting coming out of the mushroom-like fungus. I want to incorporate this into my design by replacing the exterior of the trailer with this sort of netting as a coat. Meanwhile, the inside of that mesh would display the use of fiber optics much like this image:

I also plan to use this material in the interior of the vehicle by having it surround the mannequin Gaga heads you see in my process board so that they stimulate movement and an odd sort of growing head.

But sigh, there is still much to do and much to develop. I am still, in my opinion, what is considered the early stages. My overall presentation went over pretty well as there was not that much to give the guests to comment on. Haha, maybe I did that on purpose? Lol.

I will develop a bit more tonight and spend the next few weeks finessing this project. At this point after hearing all the critiques, I am imagining Lady Gaga meets Tim Burton meets Blue Man Group meets Cirque Du Soleil. Sounds good yes?

Wish me luck! I will post some sketches when I find any worthy of sharing with my loverly readers. =D

Monday, February 8, 2010

Flexibility is Key!

Just wanted to share this image of myself (courtesy of May May) during last semester's final project. It was a long and difficult semester that I now look back with admiration. Not because I did amazing work that stood above all else, but because I know I tried and worked very hard. =)

We were not required a final printed board for this final because our instructor, Mrs. Sullivan of Pica and Sullivan, wanted us to devote our time and energy to the design and not the graphic. This semester will be different of course. But anyway, here I am trying to capture each drawing through my shaky crappy camera skills. Just found this and wanted to share =)

I am vertically challenged

This Monday post will be quite short because I have to spend more time expending energy to stress about tomorrow's Mid-Review. Expect a picture of board filled with tracing paper and messy sketches.

Today I must point out the incorrect advertising that I am often falling victim to. It was very simple. Because I am taking cardio this semester, I decided to go to Target to purchase some clothes. I came across these pair of pants.

Looked good! So I bought them and tried them on...


Superbowl Sunday

Oh goodness, please forgive me for being tardy almost every single day. Well, it's Sunday again...Already? I feel like the weekend just started and yet I am back at school again. Sigh.

Ok, enough of that melodramatic rant, how was everyone's Sunday? Guess what I spent it doing?

I personally was rooting for the Colts to win but ah well, the Saints did play well. =)

We watched the game at a friend's house where he was hosting a "Hot Dog Station" by grilling the dogs and having an array of different bun toppers. I had a toasted bun with hot dog, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, mayo, ketchup, and hash browns on the side. Woah, can anyone else say, calorie overload?

In any case, we were sitting there enjoying/crying through the game and through my powers of observation I heard a familiar reaction echoed through the game. At any time when someone is on the losing end, there seems to be a strong reaction against those individuals showing any sort of emotional remorse. This would qualify as being a "poor loser" and would be looked down upon. Yet if one was on the winning end and began to cry out of happiness or relief, everyone would look with praise and admiration. How funny that losers cannot cry yet winners can.

And if one were winning and showed any sort of over-excitement, they would be reprimanded for showing off. Winners must stay humble and modest to gain respect. Hmm I wonder if anyone else finds this interesting.

..maybe not. here's my last sexy pic of the weekend!

you're welcome =)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Eating = Faturday

Ok, yes I will admit it, my goal this weekend is to bombard you with sexy pictures of myself.

I got a hair cut! I had asked the hair dresser to please help me re-style my hair to allow it to grow out without any oddities and this is what she came up with. Argh.

She did tell me that I would need to return for a follow up trim to ensure the style due to my lack of length. Well, until then I shall look like this - please be kind.

Today was a relaxing day, so I spent it with Planet Earth: disc 2. I watched life growing in different climates and atmospheres in hopes of finding inspiration for my F3 project. I think I had my eureka moment when I watched fungi growing. =)

More details later.