Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to My Mind

So if you don't actually know me in person, you may not know of all the different hobbies I pursue in, my different ranges of interests, my nonsensical humor... Well, you would only understand what I have typed out thus far.

And since the new year is upon us, I figured that I would not limit myself through this online blog of mine and just allow it to reach various heights. I definitely have a large range of interests that range from makeup to basketball to various social observations. My interests know no bounds and my blog shall not either.

I was beginning to feel a little confused about what my blog was trying to achieve. As most of you may have noticed, the majority of blogs have a theme: design, art, music, fashion, cars, etc... But I find it a bit difficult to choose just one topic, and so I will just choose whatever topic comes to mind.

Basically, I am going to allow myself to not follow any sort of pattern and just post whatever interests me at the moment. I may start to introduce a variety of makeup reviews and then suddenly throw in a unique architectural building out of nowhere. Yes, this is exactly how my mind works. =D

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