Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

So now that I have shared my Friday with you all, allow me to also summarize my weekend. I cannot disclose too many details due to the personal nature of my weekend trip but let me share the fun stuff!


Off we went to our favorite summer getaway. Though we have gone consistently over the past five years or so, we have not quite made it this far into the pier area where they offer many unique boating activities.

I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to go whale watching. Granted this was not an experience I hungered for throughout my childhood, but it was in the talks for over two months and I was just happy to finally have it happen.

The day was long but well worthwhile. We spent the hours gazing at dolphins traveling in pods that ranged in size from six to thousands play around our boat. As a team, we all spread out to try to spot any sprouts of air from the water to identify any whale activity. If spotted, we were to report to the captain and he would then steer the boat to the location to investigate.

Chilled to bone, but intrigued for more, I stood by the handrails gazing out at the open sea. It is majestic and often taken for granted how amazing our world is around us. It just takes a simple $30 excursion out to our oceans to remind us.

Though this trip did not allow me to see any whales, I will remain patient and continue the search. Perhaps I did not spot them this time, but that does not deter me from trying again. Next time, I will brush up on speaking whale and we'll see. =)

I am back at home and unwillingly starting to pull out my forgotten homework. I had tried to research as much as I could on Friday to figure out what my plans were for this F3 competition. I think I have it now!

Since our instructor has suggested not concentrating on a general genre as it is too broad of a topic to cover, I will hone in on two opposite artists and make this trailer compatible for both needs. I am going to create a very avant-garde design for Lady Gaga and then allow it to transform into a comfortable mellow space for Jack Johnson. Wish me luck!

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